ENGC74H3: Persuasive Writing and Community-Engaged Learning

This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of rhetoric, the art of persuasive writing and speech. Students will study several concepts at the core of rhetorical studies and sample thought-provoking work currently being done on disability rhetorics, feminist rhetorics, ethnic rhetorics, and visual rhetorics. A guiding principle of this course is that studying rhetoric helps one to develop or refine one’s effectiveness in speaking and writing. Toward those ends and through a 20-hour community-engaged learning opportunity in an organization of their choice, students will reflect on how this community-based writing project shapes or was shaped by their understanding of some key rhetorical concept. Students should leave the course, then, with a “rhetorical toolbox” from which they can draw key theories and concepts as they pursue future work in academic, civic, or professional contexts.

Arts, Literature and Language
Partnership-Based Experience