GLBC01H3: Global Leadership: Theory, Research and Practice

Whether corporate, not for profit or governmental, modern organizations require leaders who are willing to take on complex challenges and work with a global community. Effective leaders must learn how to consider and recognize diverse motivations, behaviours, and perspectives across teams and networks. Building upon content learned in GLB201H5 and focusing on applications and real-life case studies; this course will provide students with knowledge and skills to become global leaders of the future. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to adapt culturally sensitive communication, motivation and negotiation techniques, preparing them to apply new principled, inclusive, and appreciative approaches to the practice of global leadership. In preparation for GLB401Y1, this course will include group-based activities in which students collaborate on current issues of global importance. An experiential learning component will help develop skills through interactions with guest lecturers and community partners. Community partners will present real-world global leadership problems to the class, which students will work to analyze and solve. At the end of the term, students will meet in person for final group presentations to deliver key solutions to community partners. This course will be delivered primarily online through synchronous/asynchronous delivery, with specific in-person activities scheduled throughout the course.

25 UTSC students in each course section (up to 4 sections). This is a tri-campus course and the enrolment limit for the Minor it supports is 100 students (25 UTSC, 25 UTM, 50 FAS)
Social and Behavioural Sciences
Partnership-Based Experience