HISC51H3: From Opium to Maximum City: Narrating Political Economy in China and India

This course addresses literary, historical, ethnographic, and filmic representations of the political economy of China and the Indian subcontinent from the early 19th century to the present day. We will look at such topics as the role and imagination of the colonial-era opium trade that bound together India, China and Britain in the 19th century, anticolonial conceptions of the Indian and Chinese economies, representations of national physical health, as well as critiques of mass-consumption and capitalism in the era of the ‘liberalization’ and India and China’s rise as major world economies. Students will acquire a grounding in these subjects from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives.

Same as GASC51H3

Asia and Africa Area

Any 4.0 credits, including 0.5 credit at the A-level and 0.5 credit at the B-level in HIS, GAS or other Humanities and Social Sciences courses
History, Philosophy and Cultural Studies