HLTB60H3: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Disability Studies

An introduction to interdisciplinary disability studies through humanities, social science, and fine arts, with a strong basis in a social justice orientation that understands disability as a relational, social, and historical symbolic category, and ableism as a form of oppression. Students will develop strong critical skills in interpretation and analysis of artworks (i.e., the written word, visual images, performance) and theoretical texts. Topics including representations of disability in media, including literature and film; medicalization and tropes of disability; disability activism; and intersectional analysis of disability in relation to gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, and class.

Completion of 2.0 credits with a cGPA of at least 2.7
History, Philosophy and Cultural Studies
Students considering a Major program in Health Studies should complete HLTA02H3 and HLTA03H3 prior to enrolling in this course.