HLTC46H3: Globalization, Gender and Health

This interdisciplinary course draws on diverse theoretical and analytical approaches that span the humanities, social sciences and life sciences to critically explore the diverse relationships between gender and health, in local and global contexts. Particular attention is given to intersections between sex, gender and other social locations and processes that impact health and health inequities across the lifespan, including the impacts of ableism, colonialism, hetero-normativity, poverty, racialization, and sexism on women's and men's health, and related health research and practice. Through course readings, case studies, group discussions, class activities, and course assignments, students will apply these theoretical lenses and develop analytical skills that : (1) advance a more contextualized understanding of gender and health across the lifespan, (2) provide important insights into gendered health inequities, and (3) speak to strategies and social movements that begin to address these challenges.

Social and Behavioural Sciences
Priority will be given to students enrolled in the Major/Major Co-op program in Health Studies.