HLTC47H3: Institutional Ethnography: Investigating Health and Social Problems in the Everyday  

By engaging with ideas rooted in critical social science and humanities, and emphasising the work of Canadian scholars, students learn how policy, law and various forms of regulation and governance impact on our everyday lives. Students learn theoretical, ontological and methodological concepts from a distinctive Canadian school of feminist sociological analysis called social organization of knowledge. This is an advanced and intensive reading and writing course where students learn to think about ruling relations in the space between subjectivity and objectivity.

HLTB42H3 and an additional 1.0 credit from the following: [ANTB19H3, ANTB20H3, PHLB05H3, PHLB07H3, PHLB13H3, POLC79H3, SOCB05H3, SOCB22H3, SOCB30H3, WSTC02H3, or WSTC14H3].
Enrolment Limits
Breadth Requirements
Social and Behavioural Sciences

Priority will be given to students enrolled in the Major/Major Co-op in Health Studies-Health Policy (Arts).