HLTC81H3: Health Professions and Practice

This course introduces students to health professions and practice with a focus on understanding the roles and responsibilities of health professionals, their scope of practices, and the key issues and challenges they face. The course will explore the evolution of healthcare delivery systems, the regulatory environment, and the ethical and professional considerations that impact the delivery of health care services through the lens of various health professions. Topics will also include the history and development of health professions and the interprofessional nature of health care delivery. The course will also examine, from the lens of various health professions, key issues and challenges facing health professionals such as health care disparities, health care reform, the use of technology, and other contemporary issues in healthcare.

Throughout the course students will engage in critical thinking, analysis, and discussion of current issues in health professions and practice. The course will also provide opportunities for students to explore potential career paths within the healthcare field and to develop skills necessary for success in health professions such as communication, teamwork and cultural competence.

Social and Behavioural Sciences
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