HLTD40H3: The Politics of Care, Self-Care, and Mutual Aid

Drawing on insights from critical social theory and on the experience of community partners, this course critically explores the ethics, economics, and politics of care and mutual aid. The course begins with a focus on informal care in our everyday lives, including self-care. We then move on to interrogate theories of care and care work in a variety of settings including schools, community health centres, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. The course is interdisciplinary, drawing on insights from scholarship across the humanities, social sciences, medicine, and public health.

1.5 credits at the C-level in HLT courses from the Major/Major Co-Op in Health Studies--Health Policy (Arts)
Social and Behavioural Sciences
Partnership-Based Experience
Priority will be given to students in the Major/Major Co-Op in Health Studies--Health Policy (Arts).