HLTD49H3: Global Health Governance: Thinking Alongside the World's Leaders

This advanced seminar course explores contemporary topics in global health governance as they are being discussed and debated by world leaders at key international summits, such as the World Health Summit. After developing an understanding of the historical and political economy context of the main actors and instruments involved in global health governance, contemporary global health challenges are explored. Topics and cases change based on global priorities and student interests, but can include: the impact of international trade regimes on global health inequities; the role transnational corporations and non-governmental organizations play in shaping the global health agenda; the impact globalization has had on universal health care and health human resources in low-income countries; and health care during complex humanitarian crises.

Completion of 1.0 credit at the C-level in HLT courses from the program requirements from one of the Major/Major Co-op programs in Health Studies; an additional 0.5 credit chosen from: HLTC02H3, HLTC43H3, or HLTC46H3
Social and Behavioural Sciences