HLTD56H3: Health Humanities Workshop: Documentary and Memoir

Advanced students of Health Humanities already know that creative work about important contemporary issues in health can help doctors, patients, and the public understand and live through complex experiences. But now, as health humanities practitioners, do we go about making new creative works and putting them out into the world? This upper-level seminar explores Documentary and Memoir as a political practice and supports students already versed in the principles and methods of health humanities in developing their own original work. Through a workshop format, students encounter artistic and compositional practices of documentary and memoir writing, film, and theatre to draw conclusions about what makes a documentary voice compelling, and consider the impact of works as a modality for communicating human experiences of health, illness, and disability through these mediated expressions.

1.5 credits at the C-level from the program requirements from the Minor program in Health Humanities
Arts, Literature and Language