IDSD08H3: Community-Centered Media Tactics for Development Advocacy and Social Change

This course explores the intersection of community-centered research, art, media, politics, activism and how they intertwine with grass-root social change strategies. Students will learn about the multiple forms of media tactics, including alternative and tactical media (fusion of art, media, and activism) that are being used by individuals and grass-root organizations to promote public debate and advocate for changes in development-related public policies. Through case studies, hands-on workshops, community-led learning events, and a capstone project in collaboration with community organizations, students will gain practical research, media and advocacy skills in formulating and implementing strategies for mobilizing public support for social change.

IDSA01H3 and [1.0 credit in C or D-level IDS courses]
IDSD10H3 (if taken in the Winter 2018, 2019, 2020 or 2021 sessions)
Social and Behavioural Sciences
Partnership-Based Experience