LGGA10H3: Beginner Korean I

Beginner Korean I is an introductory course to the Korean language. Designed for students with no or minimal knowledge of the language, the course will first introduce the Hangeul alphabet (consonants and vowels) and how words are constructed (initial, medial, final sounds). Basic grammar patterns, frequently used vocabulary, and common everyday topics will be covered. Weekly cultural titbits will also be introduced to assist and enrichen the language learning experience. The overall aim of the course is to give students a strong grasp of the basics of the Korean language as well as elements of contemporary Korean culture.

EAS211Y1 (UTSG) Not open to native speakers of Korean (more than minimal knowledge of Korean etc.); the instructor has the authority to exclude students whose level of proficiency is unsuitable for the course, with support from program administration as needed.
Arts, Literature and Language