MATA31H3: Calculus I for Mathematical Sciences

A conceptual introduction to Differential Calculus of algebraic and transcendental functions of one variable; focus on logical reasoning and fundamental notions; first introduction into a rigorous mathematical theory with applications. Course covers: real numbers, set operations, supremum, infimum, limits, continuity, Intermediate Value Theorem, derivative, differentiability, related rates, Fermat's, Extreme Value, Rolle's and Mean Value Theorems, curve sketching, optimization, and antiderivatives.

Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors
(MATA20H3), (MATA27H3), MATA29H3, MATA30H3, MATA32H3, MAT123H, MAT124H, MAT125H, MAT126H, MAT133Y, MAT135Y, MAT137Y, MAT157Y, JMB170Y
Breadth Requirements
Quantitative Reasoning