MATA35H3: Calculus II for Biological Sciences

A calculus course emphasizing examples and applications in the biological and environmental sciences. Discrete probability; basic statistics: hypothesis testing, distribution analysis. Basic calculus: extrema, growth rates, diffusion rates; techniques of integration; differential equations; population dynamics; vectors and matrices in 2 and 3 dimensions; genetics applications.

(MATA21H3), (MATA33H3), MATA34H3, MATA36H3, MATA37H3, MAT123H, MAT124H, MAT125H, MAT126H, MAT133Y, MAT135Y, MAT137H5 and MAT139H5, MAT157H5 and MAT159H5, JMB170Y,(MATA27H3)
Quantitative Reasoning
This course will not satisfy the Mathematics requirements for any Program in Computer and Mathematical Sciences, nor will it normally serve as a prerequisite for further courses in Mathematics. Students who are not sure which Calculus II course they should choose are encouraged to consult with the supervisor(s) of Programs in their area(s) of interest.