MDSC37H3: Media, Journalism and Digital Labour

This course explores themes of labour in news media and new media. Topics include labour conditions for media workers across sectors; the labour impacts of media convergence; and the global distribution of media labour including content generation and management. The course is structured by intersectional analyses, studying how race and racism, class, gender, sex and sexism, sexuality, nationality, global location and citizenship status, Indigeneity and religion shape our experiences of media, journalism and labour.

Same as JOUC62H3

[ [MDSA10H3 or (MDSA01H3)] and MDSB05H3] or [JOUA01H3 and JOUA02H3]] or [4.5 credits from the Major (Joint) program in New Media Studies Group I and Group II courses]
JOUC62H3, (MDSC62H3)
Arts, Literature and Language