MGEB02H3: Price Theory: A Mathematical Approach

Intermediate level development of the principles of microeconomic theory. The course will cover the same topics as MGEB01H3 but will employ techniques involving calculus so as to make the theory clearer to students. Enrolment is limited to students registered in programs requiring this course.

MGEB01H3, ECO200Y1, ECO204Y1, ECO206Y1
Social and Behavioural Sciences
1. Students who have completed [MGEA01H3 and MGEA05H3 and MATA34H3] or [[MATA29H3 or MATA30H3 or MATA31H3 or MATA32H3]] and [[MATA33H3 or MATA35H3 or MATA36H3 or MATA37H3]] may be admitted with the permission of the Academic Director, Economics. 2. MGEB01H3 is not equivalent to MGEB02H3