MGEC92H3: Economics of Markets and Pricing

The course builds on MGEB01H3 or MGEB02H3 by exposing students to the economics of market structure and pricing. How and why certain market structures, such as monopoly, oligopoly, perfect competition, etc., arise. Attention will also be given to how market structure, firm size and performance and pricing relate. Role of government will be discussed.
Note: This course may be applied to the C-level course requirements of the Minor Program in Economics for Management Studies. It may not, however, be used to meet the requirements of any program that leads to a B.B.A. or of the Major Program in Economics for Management Studies.

MGEC02H3, MGEC08H3, MGEC41H3, ECO200Y1, ECO204Y1, ECO206Y1, ECO310H1, ECO310Y5
Social and Behavioural Sciences