NROC64H3: Sensorimotor Systems

A focus on the mechanisms by which the nervous system processes sensory information and controls movement. The topics include sensory transduction and the physiology for sensory systems (visual, somatosensory, auditory, vestibular). Both spinal and central mechanisms of motor control are also covered.

BIOB10H3 and NROB60H3 and NROB61H3 and [ (PSYB01H3) or (PSYB04H3) or PSYB70H3 ] and [PSYB07H3 or STAB22H3] and [ PSYB55H3 or (PSYB65H3) ]
Natural Sciences
Priority will be given to students enrolled in the Specialist/Specialist Co-op program in Neuroscience (Stage 2, all streams) and students enrolled in the Major program in Neuroscience.