PHLB99H3: Philosophical Writing and Methodology

In this writing-intensive course, students will become familiar with tools and techniques that will enable them to competently philosophize, on paper and in person. Students will learn how to write an introduction and how to appropriately structure philosophy papers, how to accurately present someone else's position or argumentation, how to critically assess someone else's view or argumentation, and how to present and defend their own positive proposal or argumentation concerning a given topic. Students will learn many more specific skills, such as, how to `signpost' what students are doing, how to identify and charitably interpret ambiguities in another discussion, and how to recognize and apply various argumentative strategies.

0.5 credit in PHL courses, excluding [PHLB50H3 and PHLB55H3]
History, Philosophy and Cultural Studies
This course is strongly recommended for students enrolled in the Specialist and Major program in Philosophy. It is open to students enrolled in the Minor program in Philosophy as well as all other students by permission of the instructor.