PHYD02Y3: Extended Research Project in Physics and Astrophysics

Introduces students to a current research topic in physics or astrophysics under the supervision of a faculty member. Students undertake an independent project that can be of a theoretical, computational, or experimental nature. Evaluation is by the supervising faculty member in consultation with the course supervisor. Students must obtain consent from the course supervisor to enroll in this course.

14.0 credits and cGPA of at least 3.0 and permission from the coordinator.
PHY478H, PHY479Y1, PHYD01H3
Natural Sciences
University-Based Experience
Note: This supervised research course should only be undertaken if the necessary background is satisfied, a willing supervisor has been found, and the department/course coordinator approves the project. This enrolment limit should align with other supervised research courses (i.e., PHYD01H3), which are: Enrolment Control A: Supervised Study/Research & Independent Study Courses In order to qualify for a Supervised Study course, students must locate a professor who will agree to supervise the course, and then follow the steps outlined below. Step 1: Request the course on ACORN. Your status will be INT. You will not be officially enrolled until you complete the remaining steps. Step 2: Fill the 'Student' section on a 'Supervised Study Form' available at: Step 3: Once you fill-in the 'Student' section, contact your Supervisor and provide them with the form. Your supervisor will complete their section and forward the form for departmental approval. Step 4: Once the project is approved at the departmental level, the form will be submitted to the Registrar's Office and your status on ACORN will be updated from interim (INT) to approved (APP).