POLC97H3: Protest Politics in the Middle East

This course examines various forms of protest politics in the contemporary Middle East. The course begins by introducing important theoretical debates concerning collective action in the region - focusing on such concepts as citizenship, the public sphere, civil society, and social movements. The second part of the course examines case studies of social action - examining the roles played by crucial actors such as labour, the rising Islamist middle classes/bourgeoisie, the region's various ethnic and religious minority groups, and women who are entering into the public sphere in unprecedented numbers. The course concludes by examining various forms of collective and non-collective action in the region from Islamist social movements to everyday forms of resistance.
Area of Focus: Comparative Politics

1.0 credit from POLB80H3, POLB81H3, POLB90H3, POLB91H3 or (POLB92H3)
Social and Behavioural Sciences