POLD74H3: The Black Radical Tradition

The Black radical tradition is a modern tradition of thought and action which began after transatlantic slavery’s advent. Contemporary social science and the humanities overwhelmingly portray the Black radical tradition as a critique of Black politics in its liberal, libertarian, and conservative forms. This course unsettles that framing: first by situating the Black radical tradition within Black politics; second, through expanding the boundaries of Black politics to include, yet not be limited to, theories and practices emanating from Canada and the United States; and third, by exploring whether it is more appropriate to claim the study of *the* Black radical tradition or a broader network of intellectual traditions underlying political theories of Black radicalism.

Area of Focus: Political Theory

[POLB72H3 or POLC31H3] and [1.0 credit at the C-level in Political Science (POL and PPG courses)]
History, Philosophy and Cultural Studies