PSYB90H3: Supervised Introductory Research in Psychology

This course provides an introduction to, and experience in, ongoing theoretical and empirical research in any field of psychology. Supervision of the work is arranged by mutual agreement between student and instructor. Students will typically engage in an existing research project within a supervisor’s laboratory. Regular consultation with the supervisor is necessary, which will enhance communication skills and enable students to develop proficiency in speaking about scientific knowledge with other experts in the domain. Students will also develop documentation and writing skills through a final report and research journal. This course requires students to complete a permission form obtained from the Department of Psychology. This form must outline agreed-upon work that will be performed, must be signed by the intended supervisor, and returned to the Department of Psychology.

[PSYA01H3 and PSYA02H3 with at least an 80% average across both courses] and [a minimum of 4.0 credits [including PSYA01H3 and PSYA02H3] in any discipline, with an average cGPA of 3.0] and [a maximum of 9.5 credits completed] and [enrolment in a Psychology, Mental Health Studies, Neuroscience or Psycholinguistics program].
ROP299Y and LINB98H3
Social and Behavioural Sciences
University-Based Experience
Students receive a half credit spread across two-terms; therefore, the research in this course must take place across two consecutive terms. Priority will be given to students in the Specialist and Major programs in Psychology and Mental Health Studies, followed by students in the Specialist and Major programs in Neuroscience and Psycholinguistics. Enrolment will depend each year on the research opportunities available with each individual faculty member and the interests of the students who apply.