PSYC53H3: Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory

An exploration of how the brain supports different forms of memory, drawing on evidence from electrophysiological, patient neuropsychological and neuroimaging research. Topics include short-term working memory, general knowledge of the world (semantic memory), implicit memory, and memory for personally experienced events (episodic memory).

[PSYB55H3 or (PSYB65H3) if taken in Fall 2017 or Summer 2018 )] and [(PSYB01H3) or (PSYB04H3) or PSYB70H3] and [PSYB07H3 or STAB22H3 or STAB23H3]
Enrolment Limits
Breadth Requirements
Natural Sciences
Priority will be given to students in the Specialist/Specialist Co-op program in Neuroscience, and the Specialist/Specialist Co-op/Major programs in Psychology and Mental Health Studies. Students in the Minor in Psychology will be admitted as space permits.