PSYC62H3: Drugs and the Brain

An examination of behavioural and neurobiological mechanisms underlying the phenomenon of drug dependence. Topics will include principles of behavioural pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, neurobiological mechanisms of drug action, and psychotropic drug classification. In addition, concepts of physical and psychological dependence, tolerance, sensitization, and reinforcement and aversion will also be covered.

[PSYB07H3 or STAB22H3 or STAB23H3] and PSYB70H3 and [at least 0.5 credit from the following: PSYB64H3, PSYB55H3, (PSYB65H3), NROB60H3]
PSY396H, PCL475Y
Restricted to students in the Specialist, Specialist Co-op, and Major programs in Psychology, Mental Health Studies, and Neuroscience. Students in the Minor program in Psychology will be admitted if space permits.
Natural Sciences