PSYC85H3: History of Psychology

A survey of developments in Western philosophy and science which influenced the emergence of modern psychology in the second half of the Nineteenth Century. Three basic problems are considered: mind-body, epistemology (science of knowledge), and behaviour/motivation/ethics. We begin with the ancient Greek philosophers, and then consider the contributions of European scholars from the Fifteenth through Nineteenth Centuries. Twentieth Century schools are discussed including: psychoanalysis, functionalism, structuralism, gestalt, behaviourism, and phenomenology.

[(PSYB01H3) or (PSYB04H3) or PSYB70H3] and [PSYB07H3 or STAB22H3 or STAB23H3] and [1.0 credit at the B-level in PSY courses]
PSY450H, (PSY300H)
History, Philosophy and Cultural Studies
Partnership-Based Experience
Restricted to senior students enrolled in the Specialist/Specialist Co-op programs in Psychology and Mental Health Studies. Students enrolled in the Major program in Psychology and Mental Health Studies will be admitted if space permits.