SOCB60H3: Issues in Critical Migration Studies

What are the causes and consequences of migration in today's world? This course will explore this question in two parts. First, we will examine how although people decide to migrate, they make these decisions under circumstances which are not of their own making. Then, we will focus specifically on the experiences of racialized and immigrant groups in Canada, with a particular focus on the repercussions of Black enslavement and ongoing settler-colonialism. As we explore these questions, we will also critically interrogate the primary response of the Canadian government to questions around racial and class inequality: multiculturalism. What is multiculturalism? Is it enough? Does it make matters worse? Students will come away from this course having critically thought about what types of social change would bring about a freer and more humane society.

[Completion of 1.0 credit from the following courses: [[(SOCA01H3) and (SOCA02H3)] or SOCA03Y3], ANTA02H3, GGRA02H3, GASA01H3/HISA06H3, GASA02H3, HISA04H3, or HISA05H3] or [any 4.0 credits and enrolment in the Minor in Critical Migration Studies]
Social and Behavioural Sciences
Priority will be given to students enrolled in the Minor in Critical Migration Studies. Additional students will be admitted as space permits.