SOCC26H3: Sociology of Urban Cultural Policies

A popular civic strategy in transforming post-industrial cities has been the deployment of culture and the arts as tools for urban regeneration. In this course, we analyze culture-led development both as political economy and as policy discourse. Topics include the creative city; spectacular consumption spaces; the re-use of historic buildings; cultural clustering and gentrification; eventful cities; and urban 'scenes'.

[[SOCB05H3 or SOCB35H3] and [0.5 credit from the following: SOCB30H3, SOCB42H3, SOCB43H3, SOCB47H3]] or [SOCB58H3 and enrolment in the Minor in Culture, Creativity, and Cities] or [ CITA01H3/(CITB02H3) and enrolment in the Major/Major Co-op in City Studies]
Social and Behavioural Sciences