SOCD51H3: Capstone Seminar in Culture, Creativity, and Cities

This course provides a hands-on learning experience with data collection, analysis, and dissemination on topics discussed in the Minor in Culture, Creativity, and Cities. It involves substantial group and individual-based learning, and may cover topics as diverse as the role of cultural fairs and festivals in the city of Toronto, the efficacy of arts organizations, current trends in local cultural labour markets, artistic markets inside and outside of the downtown core, food culture, and analysis of governmental datasets on arts participation in the city.

[10.0 credits and SOCB05H3 and [1.0 credit from the following: SOCB30H3, SOCB42H3, SOCB43H3, SOCB44H3, SOCB47H3, SOCB58H3]] or [10.0 credits including SOCB58H3 and enrolment in the Minor Program in Culture, Creativity and Cities]
Social and Behavioural Sciences
University-Based Experience
Priority will be given to students enrolled in the Minor in Culture, Creativity, and Cities followed by Specialist and Major programs in Sociology. Additional students will be admitted as space permits.