STAC53H3: Applied Data Collection

This course introduces the principles, objectives and methodologies of data collection. The course focuses on understanding the rationale for the various approaches to collecting data and choosing appropriate statistical techniques for data analysis. Topics covered include elements of sampling problems, simple random sampling, stratified sampling, ratio, regression, and difference estimation, systematic sampling, cluster sampling, elements of designed experiments, completely randomized design, randomized block design, and factorial experiments. The R statistical software package is used to illustrate statistical examples in the course. Emphasis is placed on the effective communication of statistical results.

STAB27H3 or MGEB12H3 or PSYC08H3 or STA221H1
STAC50H3, STA304H1, STA304H5
Quantitative Reasoning
Students enrolled in the Specialist or Major programs in Statistics should take STAC50H3.