THRD56H3: Creating a Production: Conception, Design, and Execution III

This course is an intensive study of theatrical production from the vantage points of producers, directors (and assistant directors), designers (and assistant designers), stage managers (and assistant stage managers), and dramaturgs. It engages students in the experiential learning process inherent in conceiving of, planning for, rehearsing, and producing a major theatrical production. Students are required to submit an application. Applications will be available in August and can be found on the Arts, Culture, and Media website and in the timetable.

THRC56H3 and permission of the Theatre and Performance Studies instructor.
Arts, Literature and Language
University-Based Experience
1. This course will meet at non-traditional times, when the show rehearsals and production meetings are scheduled. 2. THRD56H3 is intended for Year 4 students at UTSC with extensive theatrical experience. Less experienced producers, directors, designers, stage managers, and dramaturgs are encouraged to register for THRB56H3 or THRC56H3.