WSTD01H3: Independent Project in Women's and Gender Studies

An opportunity to undertake an in-depth research topic under the supervision of a Women's and Gender Studies faculty member. Students will work with their supervisor to finalize the course content and methods of approach; assessment will be based on an advanced essay/project on the approved topic, which will be evaluated by the supervising faculty member and program coordinator. The material studied will differ significantly in content and/or concentration from topics offered in regular courses.

At least 15.0 credits including: WSTA01H3 and WSTB05H3 and [WSTA03H3 or (WSTA02H3)] and [1.5 credits taken from the courses in requirement 5 and 6 in the Major program in Women's and Gender Studies]. Only students in the Major program in Women's and Gender Studies that have a CGPA of at least 3.3 can enrol in this course. When applying to a faculty supervisor, students need to present a brief written statement of the topic they wish to explore in the term prior to the start of the course.
University-Based Experience