WSTD30H3: Gender and Techno-Orientalism

This course examines how popular culture projects its fantasies and fears about the future onto Asia through sexualized and racialized technology. Through the lens of techno-Orientalism this course explores questions of colonialism, imperialism and globalization in relation to cyborgs, digital industry, high-tech labor, and internet/media economics. Topics include the hyper-sexuality of Asian women, racialized and sexualized trauma and disability. This course requires student engagement and participation. Students are required to watch films in class and creative assignments such as filmmaking and digital projects are encouraged.
Same as GASD30H3

[1.0 credit at the B-level] and [1.0 credit at the C-level in WST courses or other Humanities and Social Sciences courses]
History, Philosophy and Cultural Studies
Priority will be given to students enrolled in the Major/Major Co-op and Minor programs Women’s and Gender Studies, and the Specialist, Major and Minor programs in Global Asia Studies. Additional students will be admitted as space permits.