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Centre for Teaching and Learning

CTLA01H3 Foundations in Effective Academic Communication
CTLA02H3 Exploring Inter-Cultural Perspectives in Academic Contexts
CTLA10H3 Personal Health and Optimal Learning
CTLB03H3 Introduction to Service Learning


CHMA10H3 Introductory Chemistry I: Structure and Bonding
CHMA11H3 Introductory Chemistry II: Reactions and Mechanisms
CHMB16H3 Techniques in Analytical Chemistry
CHMB20H3 Chemical Thermodynamics and Elementary Kinetics
CHMB21H3 Chemical Structure and Spectroscopy
CHMB23H3 Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics: Theory and Practice
CHMB31H3 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry
CHMB41H3 Organic Chemistry I
CHMB42H3 Organic Chemistry II
CHMB43Y3 Organic Chemistry I and II
CHMB55H3 Environmental Chemistry
CHMB62H3 Introduction to Biochemistry
CHMC11H3 Principles of Analytical Instrumentation
CHMC16H3 Analytical Instrumentation
CHMC20H3 Intermediate Physical Chemistry
CHMC21H3 Topics in Biophysical Chemistry
CHMC25H3 Quantum Chemistry
CHMC31Y3 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry
CHMC41H3 Organic Reaction Mechanisms
CHMC42H3 Organic Synthesis
CHMC47H3 Bio-Organic Chemistry
CHMD11H3 Application of Spectroscopy in Chemical Structure Determination
CHMD16H3 Environmental and Analytical Chemistry
CHMD39H3 Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
CHMD59H3 Modelling the Fate of Organic Chemicals in the Environment
CHMD69H3 Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHMD71H3 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
CHMD79H3 Topics in Biological Chemistry
CHMD89H3 Introduction to Green Chemistry
CHMD90Y3 Directed Research
CHMD91H3 Directed Research
CHMD92H3 Advanced Chemistry Laboratory Course

City Studies

CITB01H3 Canadian Cities and Planning
CITB02H3 Foundations of City Studies
CITB03H3 Social Planning and Community Development
CITB04H3 City Politics
CITB08H3 Economy of Cities
CITC01H3 Urban Communities and Neighbourhoods Case Study: East Scarborough
CITC02H3 Learning in Community Service
CITC03H3 Real Estate and the City
CITC04H3 Current Municipal and Planning Policy and Practice in Toronto
CITC07H3 Urban Social Policy
CITC08H3 Cities and Community Development
CITC09H3 Introduction to Planning History: Toronto and Its Region
CITC10H3 Selected Issues in City Studies
CITC12H3 City Structures and City Choices: Local Government, Management, and Policymaking
CITC14H3 Environmental Planning
CITC15H3 Taxing and Spending: Public Finance in Canadian Cities
CITC16H3 Planning and Governing the Metropolis
CITC17H3 Civic Engagement in Urban Politics
CITC18H3 Urban Transportation Policy Analysis
CITD01H3 City Issues and Strategies
CITD05H3 City Studies Workshop I
CITD06H3 City Studies Workshop II
CITD10H3 Seminar in Selected Issues in City Studies
CITD30H3 Supervised Research Project

Classical Studies

CLAA04H3 The Ancient Mediterranean World
CLAA05H3 Ancient Mythology I: Mesopotamia and Egypt
CLAA06H3 Ancient Mythology II: Greece and Rome
CLAB05H3 History and Culture of the Greek World
CLAB06H3 History and Culture of the Roman World
CLAB20H3 The Classical World in Film
CLAC01H3 Selected Topics in Classical Literature
CLAC02H3 Selected Topics in Classical Civilization
CLAC05H3 Environment, Society and Economy in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt
CLAC11H3 Classical Literature I: Poetry
CLAC12H3 Classical Literature II: Prose
CLAC22H3 Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean
CLAC24H3 Multiculturalism and Cultural Identities in the Greek and Roman Worlds
CLAC68H3 Constructing the Other: Orientalism through Time and Place
CLAD05H3 Water Management in the Ancient Mediterranean World

Computer Science

CSCA08H3 Introduction to Computer Science I
CSCA20H3 Introduction to Programming
CSCA48H3 Introduction to Computer Science II
CSCA67H3 Discrete Mathematics
CSCB07H3 Software Design
CSCB09H3 Software Tools and Systems Programming
CSCB20H3 Introduction to Databases and Web Applications
CSCB36H3 Introduction to the Theory of Computation
CSCB58H3 Computer Organization
CSCB63H3 Design and Analysis of Data Structures
CSCC01H3 Introduction to Software Engineering
CSCC09H3 Programming on the Web
CSCC10H3 Human-Computer Interaction
CSCC11H3 Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining
CSCC24H3 Principles of Programming Languages
CSCC37H3 Introduction to Numerical Algorithms for Computational Mathematics
CSCC43H3 Introduction to Databases
CSCC46H3 Social and Information Networks
CSCC63H3 Computability and Computational Complexity
CSCC69H3 Operating Systems
CSCC73H3 Algorithm Design and Analysis
CSCC85H3 Introduction to Embedded Systems
CSCD01H3 Engineering Large Software Systems
CSCD03H3 Social Impact of Information Technology
CSCD18H3 Computer Graphics
CSCD27H3 Computer and Network Security
CSCD37H3 Analysis of Numerical Algorithms for Computational Mathematics
CSCD43H3 Database System Technology
CSCD54H3 Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
CSCD58H3 Computer Networks
CSCD70H3 Compiler Optimization
CSCD71H3 Topics in Computer Science
CSCD72H3 Topics in the Theory of Computing
CSCD84H3 Artificial Intelligence
CSCD90H3 The Startup Sandbox
CSCD92H3 Readings in Computer Science
CSCD94H3 Computer Science Project
CSCD95H3 Computer Science Project

Concurrent Teacher Education

CTEB01H3 Equity and Diversity in Education
CTEC01H3 Communication and Conflict Resolution

Curatorial Studies

CRTB01H3 Introduction to Curating Art
CRTB02H3 Exhibiting Art
CRTC72H3 Art, the Museum, and the Gallery
CRTC80H3 Curator as Artist; Artist as Curator
CRTD43H3 Curating Contemporary Art
CRTD44H3 Curating Historical Art