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Economics for Management Studies

MGEA01H3 Introduction to Microeconomics
MGEA02H3 Introduction to Microeconomics: A Mathematical Approach
MGEA05H3 Introduction to Macroeconomics
MGEA06H3 Introduction to Macroeconomics: A Mathematical Approach
MGEB01H3 Price Theory
MGEB02H3 Price Theory: A Mathematical Approach
MGEB05H3 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
MGEB06H3 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy: A Mathematical Approach
MGEB11H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics I
MGEB12H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics II
MGEB31H3 Public Decision Making
MGEB32H3 Economic Aspects of Public Policy
MGEB60H3 Comparative Economic Systems
MGEC02H3 Topics in Price Theory
MGEC06H3 Topics in Macroeconomic Theory
MGEC11H3 Introduction to Regression Analysis
MGEC20H3 Economics of the Media
MGEC21H3 Classics in the History of Economic Thought
MGEC22H3 Behavioural Economics
MGEC31H3 Economics of the Public Sector: Taxation
MGEC32H3 Economics of the Public Sector: Expenditures
MGEC34H3 Economics of Health Care
MGEC37H3 Law and Economics
MGEC38H3 The Economics of Canadian Public Policy
MGEC40H3 Economics of Organization and Management
MGEC41H3 Industrial Organization
MGEC51H3 Labour Economics I
MGEC52H3 Labour Economics II
MGEC54H3 Economics of Training and Education
MGEC58H3 Economics of Human Resource Management
MGEC61H3 International Economics: Finance
MGEC62H3 International Economics: Trade Theory
MGEC71H3 Money and Banking
MGEC72H3 Financial Economics
MGEC80H3 Topics in North American Economic Development
MGEC81H3 Economic Development
MGEC82H3 International Aspects of Development Policy
MGEC91H3 Economics and Government
MGEC92H3 Economics of Markets and Pricing
MGEC93H3 International Economics
MGED02H3 Advanced Microeconomic Theory
MGED06H3 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
MGED11H3 Theory and Practice of Regression Analysis
MGED43H3 Organization Strategies
MGED50H3 Workshop in Economic Research
MGED63H3 Financial Crises: Causes, Consequences and Policy Implications
MGED70H3 Financial Econometrics
MGED90H3 Supervised Reading
MGED91H3 Supervised Reading


ENGA01H3 What Is Literature?
ENGA02H3 Critical Writing about Literature
ENGA10H3 Literature and Film for Our Time: Visions and Revisions
ENGA11H3 Literature and Film for Our Time: Dawn of the Digital
ENGB02H3 Effective Writing in the Sciences
ENGB04H3 How to Read a Poem
ENGB06H3 Canadian Literature to 1900
ENGB07H3 Canadian Literature 1900 to Present
ENGB08H3 American Literature to 1860
ENGB09H3 American Literature from the Civil War to the Present
ENGB12H3 Life Writing
ENGB14H3 Twentieth-Century Drama
ENGB17H3 Contemporary Literature from the Caribbean
ENGB19H3 Contemporary Literature from South Asia
ENGB22H3 Contemporary Literature from Africa
ENGB25H3 The Canadian Short Story
ENGB27H3 Charting Literary History I
ENGB28H3 Charting Literary History II
ENGB30H3 Classical Myth and Literature
ENGB31H3 The Romance: In Quest of the Marvelous
ENGB32H3 Shakespeare in Context I
ENGB33H3 Shakespeare in Context II
ENGB34H3 The Short Story
ENGB35H3 Children's Literature
ENGB37H3 Popular Literature and Mass Culture
ENGB38H3 The Graphic Novel
ENGB39H3 Tolkien's Middle Ages
ENGB50H3 Women and Literature: Forging a Tradition
ENGB52H3 Literature and Science
ENGB60H3 Creative Writing: Poetry I
ENGB61H3 Creative Writing: Fiction I
ENGB63H3 Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction I
ENGB70H3 How to Read a Film
ENGB74H3 The Body in Literature and Film
ENGB75H3 Cinema and Modernity I
ENGB76H3 Cinema and Modernity II
ENGC01H3 Indigenous Literature of Turtle Island (Canada)
ENGC02H3 Major Canadian Authors
ENGC03H3 Topics in Canadian Fiction
ENGC04H3 Creative Writing: Screenwriting
ENGC05H3 Creative Writing: Poetry, Experimentation, and Activism
ENGC06H3 Creative Writing: Writing for Comics
ENGC07H3 Canadian Drama
ENGC08H3 Special Topics in Creative Writing I
ENGC09H3 Canadian Poetry
ENGC10H3 Studies in Shakespeare
ENGC11H3 Poetry and Popular Culture
ENGC12H3 Individualism and Community in American Literature
ENGC13H3 Ethnic Traditions in American Literature
ENGC15H3 Introduction to Theory and Criticism
ENGC16H3 The Bible and Literature I
ENGC17H3 The Bible and Literature II
ENGC18H3 Colonial and Postcolonial Literature
ENGC19H3 Transnational Literature
ENGC21H3 The Victorian Novel
ENGC22H3 Victorian Popular Fiction
ENGC23H3 Fantasy and the Fantastic in Literature and the Other Arts
ENGC24H3 Creative Writing: The Art of the Personal Essay
ENGC25H3 Victorian Poetry and Prose
ENGC26H3 Drama: Tragedy
ENGC27H3 Drama: Comedy
ENGC29H3 Chaucer
ENGC30H3 Studies in Medieval Literature
ENGC33H3 Deceit, Dissent, and the English Civil Wars, 1603-1660
ENGC34H3 Early Modern Women and Literature, 1500-1700
ENGC35H3 Imagined Communities in Early Modern England, 1500-1700
ENGC36H3 Literature and Culture, 1660-1750
ENGC37H3 Literature and Culture, 1750-1830
ENGC38H3 Novel Genres: Fiction, Journalism, News, and Autobiography, 1640-1750
ENGC39H3 The Early Novel in Context, 1740-1830
ENGC40H3 Medieval Life Writing
ENGC42H3 Romanticism
ENGC43H3 Nineteenth-Century Literature and Contemporary Culture
ENGC44H3 Self and Other in Literature and Film
ENGC47H3 Modernist Poetry
ENGC48H3 Satire
ENGC50H3 Studies in Contemporary American Fiction
ENGC51H3 Contemporary Arab Women Writers
ENGC54H3 Gender and Genre
ENGC56H3 Literature and Media: From Page to Screen
ENGC59H3 Geography and Regionalism in Literature
ENGC69H3 Gothic Literature
ENGC70H3 The Immigrant Experience in Literature to 1980
ENGC71H3 The Immigrant Experience in Literature since 1980
ENGC75H3 Freaks and Geeks: Children in Contemporary Film and Media
ENGC78H3 Dystopian Visions in Fiction and Film
ENGC79H3 Above and Beyond: Superheroes in Fiction and Film
ENGC80H3 Modernist Narrative
ENGC82H3 Topics in Cinema Studies
ENGC83H3 World Cinema
ENGC84H3 Cinema and Migration
ENGC86H3 Creative Writing: Poetry II
ENGC87H3 Creative Writing: Fiction II
ENGC88H3 Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction II
ENGC89H3 Creative Writing and Performance
ENGC90H3 Topics in Classical Myth and Literature
ENGC91H3 American Realisms
ENGC92H3 Film Theory
ENGD03H3 Topics in Contemporary Literary Theory
ENGD05H3 Diasporic-Indigenous Relations on Turtle Island
ENGD07H3 Studies in Postmodern Poetry
ENGD08H3 Topics in African Literature
ENGD12H3 Topics in Life Writing
ENGD13H3 Rap Poetics
ENGD14H3 Topics in Early Modern English Literature and Culture
ENGD18H3 Topics in the Long Eighteenth Century, 1660-1830
ENGD19H3 Theoretical Approaches to Early Modern English Literature and Culture
ENGD22H3 Special Topics in Creative Writing II
ENGD26Y3 Independent Studies in Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGD27Y3 Independent Studies in Creative Writing: Prose
ENGD28Y3 Independent Studies in Creative Writing: Special Topics
ENGD29H3 Chaucer's Early Works
ENGD30H3 Topics in Medieval Literature
ENGD42H3 Studies in Major Modernist Writers
ENGD43H3 Topics in Romanticism, 1750-1850
ENGD48H3 Studies in Major Victorian Writers
ENGD50H3 Fake Friends and Artificial Intelligence: the Human-Robot Relationship in Literature and Culture
ENGD52H3 Cinema: The Auteur Theory
ENGD53H3 Studies in Popular Genres
ENGD54H3 Comparative Approaches to Literature and Culture
ENGD55H3 Literature, Politics, Revolution
ENGD57H3 Studies in Major Canadian Writers
ENGD58H3 Topics in Canadian Literature
ENGD59H3 Topics in American Poetry
ENGD60H3 Topics in American Prose
ENGD62H3 Topics in Postcolonial Literature and Film
ENGD68H3 Topics in Literature and Religion
ENGD71H3 Studies in Arab North-American Literature
ENGD80H3 Women and Canadian Writing
ENGD84H3 Canadian Writing in the 21st Century
ENGD89H3 Topics in the Victorian Period
ENGD91H3 Avant-Garde Cinema
ENGD93H3 Theoretical Approaches to Cinema
ENGD94H3 Stranger Than Fiction: The Documentary Film
ENGD95H3 Creative Writing as a Profession
ENGD96H3 Iranian Cinema
ENGD98Y3 Senior Essay and Capstone Seminar

Environmental Science

EESA01H3 Introduction to Environmental Science
EESA06H3 Introduction to Planet Earth
EESA07H3 Water
EESA09H3 Wind
EESA10H3 Human Health and the Environment
EESA11H3 Environmental Pollution
EESB02H3 Principles of Geomorphology
EESB03H3 Principles of Climatology
EESB04H3 Principles of Hydrology
EESB05H3 Principles of Soil Science
EESB15H3 Earth History
EESB16H3 Feeding Humans - The Cost to the Planet
EESB17H3 Hydro Politics and Transboundary Water Resources Management
EESB18H3 Natural Hazards
EESB19H3 Mineralogy
EESB20H3 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
EESB26H3 Introduction to Global Geophysics
EESC03H3 Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
EESC04H3 Biodiversity and Biogeography
EESC07H3 Groundwater
EESC13H3 Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing
EESC16H3 Field Camp I
EESC18H3 Limnology
EESC19H3 Oceanography
EESC20H3 Geochemistry
EESC24H3 Advanced Readings in Environmental Science
EESC30H3 Environmental Microbiology
EESC31H3 Glacial Geology
EESC33H3 Environmental Science Field Course
EESC34H3 Sustainability in Practice
EESC36H3 Petrology
EESC37H3 Structural Geology
EESD02H3 Contaminant Hydrogeology
EESD06H3 Climate Change Impact Assessment
EESD07H3 Field Camp II
EESD09H3 Research Project in Environmental Science
EESD10Y3 Research Project in Environmental Science
EESD11H3 Advanced Watershed Hydrology
EESD13H3 Environmental Law, Policy and Ethics
EESD15H3 Fundamentals of Site Remediation
EESD16H3 Project Management in Environmental Studies
EESD17Y3 Cohort Capstone Course in Environmental Studies
EESD18H3 Environmental Studies Seminar Series
EESD19H3 Professional Development Seminars in Geoscience
EESD20H3 Geological Evolution and Environmental History of North America
EESD33H3 Field Techniques

Environmental Studies

ESTB01H3 Introduction to Environmental Studies
ESTC34H3 Sustainability in Practice
ESTC35H3 Environmental Science and Technology in Society
ESTC36H3 Knowledge, Ethics and Environmental Decision-Making
ESTD16H3 Project Management in Environmental Studies
ESTD17Y3 Cohort Capstone Course in Environmental Studies
ESTD18H3 Environmental Studies Seminar Series
ESTD19H3 Risk