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List of Courses

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Food Studies

FSTA01H3 Foods That Changed the World
FSTB01H3 Methodologies in Food Studies
FSTC02H3 Mondo Vino: The History and Culture of Wine Around the World
FSTC05H3 Feeding the City: Food Systems in Historical Perspective
FSTC37H3 Eating and Drinking Across the Americas
FSTC54H3 Eating and Drinking Across Global Asia
FSTD10H3 Food Writing and Photography


FREA01H3 Language Practice I
FREA02H3 Language Practice II
FREA90Y3 Intensive Introductory French
FREA91Y3 Intensive Intermediate French
FREA96H3 Introductory French I
FREA97H3 Introductory French II
FREA98H3 Intermediate French I
FREA99H3 Intermediate French II
FREB01H3 Language Practice III
FREB02H3 Language Practice IV
FREB08H3 Practical Translation I
FREB11H3 French Language in the School System
FREB17H3 Spoken French: Conversation and Pronunciation
FREB18H3 Business French
FREB20H3 Teaching Children's Literature in French
FREB22H3 The Society and Culture of Québec
FREB27H3 Modern France
FREB28H3 The Francophone World
FREB35H3 Francophone Literature
FREB36H3 The 20th Century Quebec Novel
FREB37H3 Contemporary Quebec Drama
FREB44H3 Introduction to Linguistics: French Phonetics and Phonology
FREB45H3 Introduction to Linguistics: French Morphology and Syntax
FREB46H3 History of the French Language
FREB50H3 Introduction to Literature in French I
FREB51H3 Literary History in Context: From the Middle Ages to the 17th Century
FREB55H3 Literary History in Context: 18th and 19th Centuries
FREB70H3 Cinema of the French-Speaking World
FREB84H3 Folktale, Myth and the Fantastic in the French-Speaking World
FREC01H3 Language Practice V
FREC02H3 Language Practice VI
FREC03H3 French in Action I: Practical Workshop in Theatre
FREC10H3 Community-Based Learning in the Francophone Community
FREC11H3 Teaching French as a Second Language
FREC12H3 Semantics: The Study of Meaning
FREC18H3 Translation for Business and Professional Needs
FREC38H3 Topics in the Literature of Quebec
FREC46H3 Syntax II
FREC47H3 Pidgin and Creole Languages
FREC48H3 Sociolinguistics of French
FREC54H3 Paris through the Ages
FREC57H3 French Fiction of the 19th Century
FREC58H3 Literature of the Ancien Regime
FREC63H3 Topics in French Literature: Encountering Foreign Cultures: Travel Writing in French
FREC64H3 French Fiction of the 20th and 21st Centuries
FREC83H3 Cultural Identities and Stereotypes in the French-Speaking World
FRED01H3 Language practice VII: Written French
FRED02H3 Supervised Reading
FRED03H3 Supervised Reading
FRED04H3 Supervised Reading
FRED05H3 Supervised Reading
FRED06H3 Language Practice VIII: Oral French
FRED07H3 Supervised Reading
FRED13H3 Advanced Topics in French Literature
FRED14H3 Advanced Topics in the Literature of Quebec
FRED90Y3 Supervised Reading