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List of Courses

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GGRA02H3 The Geography of Global Processes
GGRA03H3 Cities and Environments
GGRA30H3 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Empirical Reasoning
GGRA35H3 The Great Scarborough Mashup: People, Place, Community, Experience
GGRB02H3 The Logic of Geographical Thought
GGRB03H3 Writing Geography
GGRB05H3 Urban Geography
GGRB13H3 Social Geography
GGRB21H3 Political Ecology: Nature, Society and Environmental Change
GGRB28H3 Geographies of Disease
GGRB30H3 Fundamentals of GIS I
GGRB32H3 Fundamentals of GIS II
GGRB55H3 Cultural Geography
GGRC01H3 Supervised Readings in Human Geography
GGRC02H3 Population Geography
GGRC09H3 Current Topics in Social Geography
GGRC10H3 Urbanization and Development
GGRC11H3 Current Topics in Urban Geography
GGRC12H3 Transportation Geography
GGRC13H3 Urban Political Geography
GGRC21H3 Current Topics in Environmental Geography
GGRC24H3 Socio-Natures and the Cultural Politics of 'The Environment'
GGRC25H3 Land Reform and Development
GGRC26H3 Geographies of Environmental Governance
GGRC27H3 Location and Spatial Development
GGRC28H3 Indigenous Environmental Knowledges
GGRC30H3 Advanced GIS
GGRC31H3 Qualitative Geographical Methods: Place and Ethnography
GGRC32H3 Essential Spatial Analysis
GGRC33H3 The Toronto Region
GGRC34H3 Crowd-sourced Urban Geographies
GGRC40H3 Megacities and Global Urbanization
GGRC41H3 Current Topics in Human Geography
GGRC44H3 Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development
GGRC45H3 Local Geographies of Globalization
GGRC48H3 Geographies of Urban Poverty
GGRC50H3 Geographies of Education
GGRC54H3 Human Geography Field Trip
GGRC56H3 Spaces of Travel: Unsettling Migration, Tourism, and Everyday Mobilities
GGRD01H3 Supervised Research Project
GGRD08H3 Research Seminar in Environmental Geography
GGRD09H3 Feminist Geographies
GGRD10H3 Health and Sexuality
GGRD11H3 Advanced Geographical Theory and Methods
GGRD12H3 Seminar in Selected Topics in Human Geography
GGRD14H3 Social Justice and the City
GGRD19H3 Spaces of Multiraciality: Critical Mixed Race Theory
GGRD25H3 Research Seminar in Urban Spaces
GGRD30H3 GIS Research Project
GGRD31H3 Independent Research Project
GGRD49H3 Land and Land Conflicts in the Americas

Global Asia Studies

GASA01H3 Introducing Global Asia and its Histories
GASA02H3 Introduction to Global Asia Studies
GASB05H3 Media and Globalization
GASB15H3 The Arts of South Asia
GASB20H3 Gender and Social Institutions in Asia
GASB30H3 Asian Religions and Culture
GASB33H3 Global Buddhism in Historical and Contemporary Societies
GASB53H3 Mughals and the World, 1500-1858 AD
GASB57H3 Sub-Continental Histories: South Asia in the World
GASB58H3 Modern Chinese History
GASB73H3 Visualizing Asia
GASB74H3 Asian Foods and Global Cities
GASB77H3 Modern Asian Art
GASC20H3 Gendering Global Asia
GASC33H3 Critical Perspectives in Global Buddhism
GASC40H3 Chinese Media and Politics
GASC41H3 Media and Popular Culture in East Asia
GASC42H3 Film and Popular Culture in South Asia
GASC43H3 Colonialisms and Cultures in Modern East Asia
GASC45H3 Film and Popular Cultures in East Asia
GASC50H3 Comparative Studies of East Asian Legal Cultures
GASC51H3 From Opium to Maximum City: Narrating Political Economy in China and India
GASC53H3 The Silk Routes
GASC54H3 Eating and Drinking Across Global Asia
GASC57H3 China and the World
GASC59H3 The Making of Tamil Worlds
GASC74H3 A Tale of Three Cities: Introduction to Contemporary Art in China
GASD01H3 Senior Seminar: Topics in Global Asian Migrations
GASD02H3 Senior Seminar: Topics in Global Asian Societies
GASD03H3 Senior Seminar: Topics in Global Asia Studies
GASD06H3 Global History of Crime and Punishment since 1750
GASD20H3 Advanced Seminar: Social Change and Gender Relations in Chinese Societies
GASD30H3 Gender and Techno-Orientalism
GASD40H3 Senior Seminar: Issues in Chinese Media Studies
GASD53H3 Africa and Asia in the First World War
GASD56H3 'Coolies' and Others: Asian Labouring Diasporas in the British Empire
GASD58H3 Culture, Politics, and Society in Late Imperial China
GASD59H3 Law and Society in Chinese History
GASD71H3 Cuisine, Culture, and Societies Across Global Asia