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Health Studies

HLTA02H3 Foundations in Health Studies I
HLTA03H3 Foundations in Health Studies II
HLTB11H3 Basic Human Nutrition
HLTB15H3 Introduction to Health Research Methodology
HLTB16H3 Introduction to Public Health
HLTB20H3 Contemporary Human Evolution and Variation
HLTB22H3 Biological Determinants of Health
HLTB40H3 Health Policy and Health Systems
HLTB41H3 Introduction to the Social Determinants of Health
HLTB42H3 Perspectives of Culture, Illness and Healing
HLTB50H3 Introduction to Health Humanities
HLTC02H3 Women and Health: Past and Present
HLTC04H3 Critical Qualitative Health Research Methods
HLTC16H3 Introduction to Health Information Systems
HLTC17H3 Introduction to Rehabilitation Sciences
HLTC19H3 Chronic Diseases
HLTC22H3 Health, Aging and the Life Cycle
HLTC23H3 Issues in Child Health and Development
HLTC24H3 Environment and Health
HLTC25H3 Infectious Diseases
HLTC26H3 Global Health and Human Biology
HLTC27H3 Community Health and Epidemiology
HLTC28H3 Special Topics in Health Studies
HLTC29H3 Special Topics in Health Studies
HLTC42H3 Emerging Health Issues and Policy Needs
HLTC43H3 Politics of Canadian Health Policy
HLTC44H3 Comparative Health Policy Systems
HLTC46H3 Globalization, Gender and Health
HLTC47H3 Special Topics in Health Studies
HLTC48H3 Special Topics in Health Studies
HLTC49H3 Indigenous Health
HLTC50H3 The Human-Animal Interface
HLTC51H3 Special Topics in Health and Society
HLTC52H3 Special Topics in Health Humanities
HLTC55H3 Methods in Arts-Based Health Research
HLTD01H3 Directed Readings in Health Studies
HLTD02H3 Health Research Seminar
HLTD04H3 Special Topics in Health
HLTD05H3 Directed Research on Health Services and Institutions
HLTD06H3 Special Topics in Migration and Public Health
HLTD07H3 Advanced Rehabilitation Sciences: Disability Studies and Lived Experiences of 'Normalcy'
HLTD08H3 Special Topics in Health Sciences
HLTD11H3 Program and Policy Evaluation
HLTD12H3 Special Topics in Health
HLTD13H3 Special Topics in Health: Global Health and Human Biology
HLTD20H3 Special Topics in Health: Sex, Gender, and the Life Course
HLTD21H3 Special Topics in Health
HLTD22H3 Special Topics in Health
HLTD23H3 Special Topics in Health
HLTD25H3 Topics in Environmental Health
HLTD26H3 Embodiment across the Life Course
HLTD27H3 Food Security, Food Sovereignty, and Health
HLTD28H3 Innovations for Global Health
HLTD29H3 Special Topics in Health: Inequality, Inequity, and Health
HLTD47H3 Special Topics in Health: Advanced Topics in Health and Wellness
HLTD48H3 Special Topics in Health: Current Issues in Global Health
HLTD49H3 Global Health Governance: Thinking Alongside the World's Leaders
HLTD50H3 Special Topics in Health Humanities
HLTD51H3 Aging and the Arts
HLTD52H3 Special Topics in Health: Health Histories
HLTD53H3 Special Topics in Health Humanities
HLTD54H3 Toronto's Stories of Health and Illness
HLTD71Y3 Directed Research in Health Studies

Historical and Cultural Studies

HCSD05H3 Intellectual Property in Arts and Humanities


HISA04H3 Themes in World History I
HISA05H3 Themes in World History II
HISA06H3 Introducing Global Asia and its Histories
HISA07H3 The Ancient Mediterranean World
HISA08H3 Africa in the World: An Introduction
HISA09H3 Capitalism: A Global History
HISB02H3 The British Empire: A Short History
HISB03H3 Critical Writing and Research for Historians
HISB10H3 History and Culture of the Greek World
HISB11H3 History and Culture of the Roman World
HISB12H3 The Classical World in Film
HISB14H3 Edible History: History of Global Foodways
HISB23H3 Latin America and the World
HISB30H3 American History to the Civil War
HISB31H3 History of the United States since the Civil War
HISB37H3 History of Mexico
HISB40H3 Early Canada and the Atlantic World
HISB41H3 Making of Modern Canada
HISB50H3 Africa in the Era of the Slave Trade
HISB51H3 Africa from the Colonial Conquests to Independence
HISB52H3 African Religious Traditions Through History
HISB53H3 Mughals and the World, 1500-1858 AD
HISB54H3 Africa in the Postcolonial Era
HISB57H3 Sub-Continental Histories: South Asia in the World
HISB58H3 Modern Chinese History
HISB60H3 Europe in the Early Middle Ages (305-1053)
HISB61H3 Europe in the High and Late Middle Ages (1053-1492)
HISB62H3 The Early Modern Mediterranean, 1500-1800
HISB74H3 Asian Foods and Global Cities
HISB93H3 Modern Europe I: The Nineteenth Century
HISB94H3 Modern Europe II: The Twentieth Century
HISC01H3 History and Evidence
HISC02H3 Marx and History
HISC03H3 History of Animals and People
HISC04H3 Drink in History
HISC05H3 Feeding the City: Food Systems in Historical Perspective
HISC08H3 Colonialism on Film
HISC09H3 Pirates of the Caribbean
HISC10H3 Environment, Society and Economy in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt
HISC11H3 Multiculturalism and Cultural Identities in the Greek and Roman Worlds
HISC18H3 Europe in the Enlightenment, 1700-1789
HISC26H3 The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire
HISC27H3 The History of European Sexuality: From Antiquity to the Present
HISC29H3 Global Commodities: Nature, Culture, History
HISC30H3 The U.S. and the World
HISC32H3 The Emergence of Modern America, 1877-1933
HISC33H3 Modern American Political Culture
HISC34H3 Race, Segregation, Protest: South Africa and the United States
HISC36H3 People in Motion: Immigrants and Migrants in U.S. History
HISC37H3 Eating and Drinking Across the Americas
HISC38H3 Mexico Through American Eyes
HISC39H3 Hellhound on My Trail: Living the Blues in the Mississippi Delta, 1890-1945
HISC45H3 Immigrants and Race Relations in Canadian History
HISC46H3 Canada and the World
HISC51H3 From Opium to Maximum City: Narrating Political Economy in China and India
HISC52H3 Ethiopia: Seeing History
HISC54H3 Eating and Drinking Across Global Asia
HISC55H3 War and Society in Modern Africa
HISC56H3 Comparative Studies of East Asian Legal Cultures
HISC57H3 China and the World
HISC58H3 Delhi and London: Imperial Cities, Mobile People
HISC59H3 The Making of Tamil Worlds
HISC60H3 Old Worlds? Strangers and Foreigners in the Mediterranean, 1200-1700
HISC65H3 Venice and its Empire, 800-1800
HISC68H3 Constructing the Other: Orientalism through Time and Place
HISC70H3 The Caribbean Diaspora
HISC75H3 Migration in Global History
HISC96H3 Language and Society in the Arab World
HISC97H3 Women and Power in Africa
HISD01H3 Independent Studies: Senior Research Project
HISD02H3 Independent Studies: Senior Research Project
HISD04H3 Missionaries and Converts in the Early Modern World
HISD05H3 Between Two Worlds? Translators and Interpreters in History
HISD06H3 Global History of Crime and Punishment since 1750
HISD07H3 Themes in the History of Childhood and Culture
HISD08H3 Borderlands and Beyond: Thinking about a North American History
HISD09H3 Senior Seminar: Topics in Global Asian Migrations
HISD10H3 Water Management in the Ancient Mediterranean World
HISD12H3 Making it Strange: Modernisms in European Art and Ideas, 1900-1945
HISD14H3 Selected Topics in Modern European History
HISD16H3 Socialist Feminism in Global Context
HISD18H3 Digital History
HISD25H3 Oral History and Urban Change
HISD30H3 Gendering America
HISD31H3 Thinking of Diversity: Perspectives on American Pluralisms
HISD32H3 Slavery and Emancipation in the American South
HISD34H3 Topics in American Social and Cultural History
HISD35H3 The Politics of American Immigration, 1865-present
HISD36H3 From New Deal to New Right: American Politics since 1933
HISD44H3 Nearby History: The Method and Practice of Local History
HISD45H3 Canadian Settler Colonialism in Comparative Context
HISD46H3 Selected Topics in Canadian Women's History
HISD47H3 Cold War Canada in Comparative Contexts
HISD48H3 The World Through Canadian Eyes
HISD50H3 Southern Africa: Conquest and Resistance, 1652-1900
HISD51H3 Southern Africa: Colonial Rule, Apartheid and Liberation
HISD52H3 East African Societies in Transition
HISD53H3 Africa and Asia in the First World War
HISD56H3 'Coolies' and Others: Asian Labouring Diasporas in the British Empire
HISD58H3 Culture, Politics, and Society in Late Imperial China
HISD59H3 Law and Society in Chinese History
HISD60H3 Travel and Travel-Writing from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period
HISD63H3 The Crusades: I
HISD64H3 The Crusades: II
HISD70H3 History of Empire and Foods
HISD71H3 Culinary Ethnography
HISD72H3 History of Beer and Brewing
HISD73H3 Engendering Canadian Food History
HISD95H3 Presenting the Past