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International Development Studies

IDSA01H3 Introduction to International Development Studies
IDSA02H3 Experiencing Development in Africa
IDSB01H3 Political Economy of International Development
IDSB02H3 Development and Environment
IDSB04H3 Introduction to International/Global Health
IDSB06H3 Equity, Ethics and Justice in International Development
IDSB10H3 Knowledge and Communication for Development
IDSB11H3 Global Development in Comparative Perspective
IDSC01H3 Research Design for Development Fieldwork
IDSC02H3 Environmental Science and Evidence-Based Policy
IDSC04H3 Project Management I
IDSC06H3 Directed Reading on Canadian Institutions and International Development
IDSC07H3 Project Management II
IDSC08H3 Media and Development
IDSC10H3 Topics in International Development Studies
IDSC11H3 Issues in Global and International Health
IDSC12H3 Economics of Small Enterprise and Microcredit
IDSC14H3 The Political Economy of Food
IDSC15H3 Special Topics in International Development Studies
IDSC17H3 Development, Citizen Action and Social Change in the Global South
IDSC18H3 New Paradigms in Development: The Role of Emerging Powers
IDSD01Y3 Post-placement Seminar and Thesis
IDSD02H3 Advanced Seminar in Critical Development Studies: Theory and Policy
IDSD06H3 Feminist and Postcolonial Perspectives in Development Studies
IDSD07H3 Extractive Industries in Africa
IDSD10H3 Topics in International Development Studies
IDSD12H3 Topics in International Development Studies
IDSD13H3 Special Topics in International Development Studies
IDSD14H3 Directed Reading
IDSD15H3 Directed Research
IDSD19H3 The Role of Researcher-Practitioner Engagement in Development

International Development Studies (IDS) Co-op

COPB30H3 Passport to Placement I
COPB31H3 Passport to Placement Part II
COPC09Y3 International Development Studies Co-op Work Term

International Studies

ISTD01H3 Readings in International Studies