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List of Courses

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JOUA01H3 Introduction to Journalism and News Literacy I
JOUA02H3 Introduction to Journalism II
JOUA06H3 Contemporary Issues in Law and Ethics
JOUB01H3 Covering Immigration and Transnational Issues
JOUB02H3 Critical Journalism
JOUB03H3 Business of Journalism
JOUB05H3 Advanced Video and Audio Production
JOUB11H3 News Reporting
JOUB14H3 Mobile Journalism
JOUB18H3 Visual Storytelling: Photography and Videography
JOUB19H3 Data Management and Presentation
JOUB20H3 Interactive: Data and Analytics
JOUB24H3 Journalism in the Age of Digital Media
JOUB39H3 Fundamentals of Journalistic Writing
JOUC13H3 Entrepreneurial Reporting
JOUC18H3 Storyworks
JOUC19H3 Social Media and Mobile Storytelling
JOUC20H3 Emerging Tools and Technology
JOUC25H3 Field Placement
JOUC30H3 Critical Approaches to Style, Form and Narrative
JOUC31H3 Journalism, Information Sharing and Technological Change
JOUC60H3 Diasporic Media
JOUC62H3 Media, Journalism and Digital Labour
JOUC63H3 Media Ethics
JOUC80H3 Understanding Audiences in the Digital Age
JOUD10H3 Senior Seminar in Journalism
JOUD11H3 Senior Research Seminar in Media and Journalism
JOUD12H3 Journalism at the Intersection of Politics, Economics and Ethics