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List of Courses

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ECTB60H3 Food, Cultures and Translation
ECTB61H3 English and Chinese Translation: Theory and Practice
ECTC61H3 Translation Studies in Literature
ECTD68H3 Translation for Business and Media
ECTD69H3 Translation for Government and Public Administration
LGGA60H3 Introductory Standard Chinese I
LGGA61H3 Introductory Standard Chinese II
LGGA64H3 Chinese I for Students with Prior Backgrounds
LGGA65H3 Chinese II for Students with Prior Backgrounds
LGGA70H3 Introductory Hindi I
LGGA71H3 Introductory Hindi II
LGGA72Y3 Intensive Introductory Hindi
LGGA74H3 Introductory Tamil I
LGGA75H3 Introductory Tamil II
LGGA76Y3 Intensive Introductory Tamil
LGGA78Y3 Intensive Introductory Bengali
LGGA80H3 Introductory Japanese I
LGGA81H3 Introductory Japanese II
LGGA82Y3 Intensive Introductory Japanese
LGGA90Y3 Intensive Introductory Spanish
LGGA91Y3 Intensive Introductory Modern Standard Arabic
LGGA95Y3 Intensive Introduction to a Featured Language
LGGB60H3 Intermediate Chinese I
LGGB61H3 Intermediate Chinese II
LGGB62H3 Intermediate Chinese for Heritage Students I
LGGB63H3 Intermediate Chinese for Heritage Students II
LGGB70H3 Hindi I for Students with Prior Background
LGGB71H3 Hindi II for Students with Prior Background
LGGB74H3 Intermediate Tamil
LGGC60H3 Advanced Chinese I
LGGC61H3 Advanced Chinese II
LGGC62H3 Cultures in the East and West
LGGC63H3 Canada, China, and Beyond
LGGC64H3 Reading Chinese and English: China from the Inside Out
LGGC65H3 Reading Chinese and English: Global Perspectives
LGGC66H3 Classical Chinese
LGGC67H3 Literary Chinese
LGGC70H3 Advanced Hindi: From Hindustan to Modern India


LINA01H3 Introduction to Linguistics
LINA02H3 Applications of Linguistics
LINB04H3 Phonology I
LINB06H3 Syntax I
LINB09H3 Phonetics: The Study of Speech Sounds
LINB10H3 Morphology
LINB18H3 English Grammar
LINB19H3 Computers in Linguistics
LINB20H3 Sociolinguistics
LINB29H3 Quantitative Methods in Linguistics
LINB60H3 Comparative Study of English and Chinese
LINB62H3 Structure of American Sign Language
LINB98H3 Supervised Introductory Research in Linguistics
LINC02H3 Phonology II
LINC11H3 Syntax II
LINC12H3 Semantics: The Study of Meaning
LINC13H3 Language Diversity and Universals
LINC28H3 Language and Gender
LINC47H3 Pidgin and Creole Languages
LINC61H3 Structure of a Language
LIND01H3 Independent Study in Linguistics
LIND02H3 Independent Study in Linguistics
LIND03H3 Independent Study in Linguistics
LIND07Y3 Independent Study in Linguistics
LIND09H3 Phonetic Analysis
LIND29H3 Linguistic Research Methodologies
LIND46H3 Field Methods in Linguistics
PLIC24H3 First Language Acquisition
PLIC25H3 Second Language Acquisition
PLIC54H3 Speech Physiology and Speech Disorders in Children and Adults
PLIC55H3 Psycholinguistics
PLIC75H3 Language and the Brain
PLID01H3 Independent Study in Psycholinguistics
PLID02H3 Independent Study in Psycholinguistics
PLID03H3 Independent Study in Psycholinguistics
PLID07Y3 Independent Study in Psycholinguistics
PLID34H3 The Psycholinguistics of Reading
PLID44H3 Acquisition of the Mental Lexicon
PLID50H3 Speech Perception
PLID56H3 Special Topics in Language Disorders in Children
PLID74H3 Language and Aging