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List of Courses

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MGAB01H3 Introductory Financial Accounting I
MGAB02H3 Introductory Financial Accounting II
MGAB03H3 Introductory Management Accounting
MGAC01H3 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
MGAC02H3 Intermediate Financial Accounting II
MGAC03H3 Intermediate Management Accounting
MGAC10H3 Auditing
MGAC50H3 Canadian Income Taxation I
MGAC70H3 Management Information Systems
MGAD20H3 Advanced Auditing
MGAD40H3 Management Control Systems
MGAD45H3 Corporate Governance and Strategy - CPA Perspective
MGAD50H3 Advanced Financial Accounting
MGAD60H3 Controversial Issues in Accounting
MGAD65H3 Canadian Income Taxation II
MGAD70H3 Advanced Accounting Case Analysis: A Capstone Course
MGAD80H3 Accounting Issues in International Business
MGFB10H3 Principles of Finance
MGFC10H3 Intermediate Finance
MGFC20H3 Personal Financial Management
MGFC30H3 Introduction to Derivatives Markets
MGFC50H3 International Financial Management
MGFC60H3 Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation
MGFD10H3 Investments
MGFD15H3 Special Topics in Finance: Private Equity
MGFD30H3 Risk Management
MGFD40H3 Investor Psychology and Behavioural Finance
MGFD50H3 Mergers and Acquisitions: Theory and Practice
MGFD60H3 Financial Modeling and Trading Strategies
MGFD70H3 Advanced Financial Management
MGHB02H3 Managing People and Groups in Organizations
MGHB12H3 Human Resource Management
MGHC02H3 Management Skills
MGHC23H3 Diversity in the Workplace
MGHC52H3 Business Negotiation
MGHC53H3 Introduction to Industrial Relations
MGHD14H3 Leadership
MGHD24H3 Occupational Health and Safety Management
MGHD25H3 Human Resources Recruitment and Selection
MGHD26H3 Training and Development
MGHD27H3 Human Resources Planning and Strategy
MGHD28H3 Compensation
MGIA01H3 Principles of International Marketing
MGIB01H3 Global Marketing
MGIB02H3 International Organizational Behaviour
MGIB12H3 International Human Resources
MGIC01H3 International Corporate Strategy
MGIC02H3 International Leadership Skills
MGIC14H3 International Business Ethics
MGID40H3 Introduction to International Business Law
MGID79H3 International Capstone Case Analysis
MGMA01H3 Principles of Marketing
MGMB01H3 Marketing Management
MGMC01H3 Market Research
MGMC02H3 Consumer Behaviour
MGMC11H3 Product Management and Branding
MGMC12H3 Advertising: From Theory to Practice
MGMC13H3 Pricing Strategy
MGMC14H3 Sales and Distribution Management
MGMC20H3 Marketing in the Information Age
MGMC30H3 Event and Sponsorship Management
MGMD01H3 Applied Marketing Models
MGMD02H3 Judgement and Decision Making
MGMD10H3 Seminar in Consumer Psychology I
MGMD11H3 Seminar in Consumer Psychology II
MGMD20H3 Special Topics in Marketing I
MGMD21H3 Special Topics in Marketing II
MGOC10H3 Analysis for Decision-Making
MGOC20H3 Operations Management: A Mathematical Approach
MGOD30H3 Business Data Analytics
MGSB22H3 Entrepreneurship
MGSC01H3 Corporate Strategy
MGSC03H3 Public Management
MGSC05H3 The Changing World of Business - Government Relations
MGSC07H3 Introduction to Case Analysis Techniques
MGSC12H3 Narrative and Management
MGSC14H3 Management Ethics
MGSC20H3 Consulting and Contracting: New Ways of Work
MGSC26H3 Venture Capital
MGSC30H3 The Legal Environment of Business I
MGSC35H3 Innovation
MGSC44H3 International Business Management
MGSC46H3 Managerial Perspectives in a Global Economy
MGSD01H3 Senior Seminar in Strategic Management
MGSD05H3 Corporate Strategy: Competitive Advantage
MGSD15H3 Managing in the Information Economy
MGSD24H3 New Venture Creation and Planning
MGSD30H3 Intellectual Property Law
MGSD32H3 The Legal Environment of Business II
MGSD40H3 Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility
MGTA01H3 Introduction to Business
MGTA02H3 Managing the Business Organization
MGTA05H3 Foundations of Business Management
MGTA35H3 Management Communications for non Co-op
MGTA36H3 Management Communications for Co-op
MGTB60H3 Introduction to the Business of Sport
MGTC55H3 Planning and Budgeting for Public Institutions
MGTC56H3 Educational Finance and Economics
MGTD15H3 Commercial Dispute Resolution
MGTD80H3 Supervised Reading In Management
MGTD81H3 Supervised Reading In Management
MGTD82Y3 Supervised Reading In Management

Management Co-op

COPB10Y3 Advancing Your Career Exploration
COPB11H3 Advancing Your Career Exploration Part I
COPB12H3 Advancing Your Career Exploration Part II
COPB13H3 Advancing Your Career Exploration Management International Business Part I
COPB14H3 Advancing Your Career Exploration Management International Business Part II
COPC07H3 Management Co-op Work Term


MATA02H3 The Magic of Numbers
MATA22H3 Linear Algebra I for Mathematical Sciences
MATA23H3 Linear Algebra I
MATA29H3 Calculus I for the Life Sciences
MATA30H3 Calculus I for Physical Sciences
MATA31H3 Calculus I for Mathematical Sciences
MATA32H3 Calculus for Management I
MATA33H3 Calculus for Management II
MATA35H3 Calculus II for Biological Sciences
MATA36H3 Calculus II for Physical Sciences
MATA37H3 Calculus II for Mathematical Sciences
MATA67H3 Discrete Mathematics
MATB24H3 Linear Algebra II
MATB41H3 Techniques of the Calculus of Several Variables I
MATB42H3 Techniques of the Calculus of Several Variables II
MATB43H3 Introduction to Analysis
MATB44H3 Differential Equations I
MATB61H3 Linear Programming and Optimization
MATC01H3 Groups and Symmetry
MATC09H3 Introduction to Mathematical Logic
MATC15H3 Introduction to Number Theory
MATC27H3 Introduction to Topology
MATC32H3 Graph Theory and Algorithms for its Applications
MATC34H3 Complex Variables
MATC37H3 Introduction to Real Analysis
MATC44H3 Introduction to Combinatorics
MATC46H3 Differential Equations II
MATC58H3 An Introduction to Mathematical Biology
MATC63H3 Differential Geometry
MATC82H3 Mathematics for Teachers
MATC90H3 Beginnings of Mathematics
MATD01H3 Fields and Groups
MATD02H3 Classical Plane Geometries and their Transformations
MATD10H3 Topics in Mathematics
MATD11H3 Topics in Mathematics
MATD12H3 Topics in Mathematics
MATD16H3 Coding Theory and Cryptography
MATD26H3 Geometric Analysis and Relativity
MATD34H3 Complex Variables II
MATD35H3 Introduction to Discrete Dynamical Systems
MATD44H3 Topics in Combinatorics
MATD46H3 Partial Differential Equations
MATD50H3 Mathematical Introduction to Game Theory
MATD92H3 Mathematics Project
MATD93H3 Mathematics Project
MATD94H3 Readings in Mathematics
MATD95H3 Readings in Mathematics

Media Studies

MDSA01H3 Introduction to Media Studies
MDSA02H3 History of Media
MDSB01H3 Human, Animal, Machine
MDSB03H3 Advertising and Consumer Culture
MDSB05H3 Media and Globalization
MDSB09H3 Kids These Days: Youth, Language and Media
MDSB10H3 Technology, Culture and Society
MDSB15H3 Social Media, Platform Politics and Digital Cultures
MDSB25H3 Political Economy of Media
MDSB61H3 Mapping New Media
MDSB62H3 Visual Culture and Communication
MDSB63H3 Sound and Visual Media
MDSC01H3 Theories in Media Studies
MDSC02H3 Media, Identities and Politics
MDSC21H3 Anthropology of Language and Media
MDSC35H3 Understanding Scandals
MDSC40H3 Chinese Media and Politics
MDSC41H3 Media and Popular Culture in East Asia
MDSC53H3 Anthropology of Media and Publics
MDSC60H3 Diasporic Media
MDSC61H3 Alternative Media
MDSC62H3 Media, Journalism and Digital Labour
MDSC63H3 Media Ethics
MDSC64H3 Media and Technology
MDSC65H3 Games and Play
MDSC66H3 Selfies and the Selfie Culture
MDSC71H3 Media and Religion
MDSC80H3 Understanding Audiences in the Digital Age
MDSC85H3 Movies, Music and Meaning
MDSD01H3 Senior Seminar: Topics in Media and Arts
MDSD02H3 Senior Seminar: Topics in Media and Society
MDSD11H3 Senior Research Seminar in Media and Journalism

Music and Culture

VPMA66H3 String Orchestra Ia
VPMA67H3 String Orchestra 1b
VPMA68H3 Small Ensemble Ia
VPMA69H3 Small Ensemble Ib
VPMA70H3 Concert Choir Ia
VPMA71H3 Concert Choir Ib
VPMA73H3 Concert Band Ia
VPMA74H3 Concert Band Ib
VPMA93H3 Listening to Music
VPMA95H3 Elementary Musicianship I
VPMB01H3 Introduction to Community Music
VPMB02H3 Music Facilitation and Learning
VPMB66H3 String Orchestra IIa
VPMB67H3 String Orchestra IIb
VPMB68H3 Small Ensemble IIa
VPMB69H3 Small Ensemble IIb
VPMB70H3 Concert Choir IIa
VPMB71H3 Concert Choir IIb
VPMB73H3 Concert Band IIa
VPMB74H3 Concert Band IIb
VPMB82H3 Music in the Modern and Contemporary World
VPMB88H3 Materials of Music I
VPMB90H3 Materials of Music II
VPMB91H3 Music and Technology
VPMC01H3 Exploring Community Music
VPMC02H3 Music, Health, and Wellness
VPMC66H3 String Orchestra IIIa
VPMC67H3 String Orchestra IIIb
VPMC68H3 Small Ensemble IIIa
VPMC69H3 Small Ensemble IIIb
VPMC70H3 Concert Choir IIIa
VPMC71H3 Concert Choir IIIb
VPMC73H3 Concert Band IIIa
VPMC74H3 Concert Band IIIb
VPMC78H3 Balinese Gamelan: Performance and Context
VPMC85H3 Movies, Music and Meaning
VPMC88H3 Topics in Music and Culture
VPMC90H3 Materials of Music III
VPMC91H3 Electronic Music I
VPMC94H3 Jazz
VPMC95H3 Musical Diasporas
VPMC97H3 Music, Technologies, Media
VPMD01H3 Senior Seminar: Music in Our Communities
VPMD02H3 Music and Culture Senior Project
VPMD80H3 Independent Study in Music
VPMD90H3 Critical Issues in Music and Society
VPMD91H3 Electronic Music II