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List of Courses

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PMDB22H3 Pre-hospital Care 1: Theory and Lab
PMDB25H3 Therapeutic Communications and Crisis Intervention
PMDB30H3 Alterations of Human Body Function I
PMDB32Y3 Pre-hospital Care 2: Theory, Lab and Clinical
PMDB33H3 Anatomy
PMDB36H3 Pharmacology for Allied Health
PMDB41H3 Professional and Legal Issues, Research, Responsibilities and Leadership
PMDC40H3 Alterations of Human Body Function II
PMDC42Y3 Pre-hospital Care 3: Theory, Lab and Field
PMDC43H3 Medical Directed Therapeutics and Paramedic Responsibilities
PMDC54Y3 Pre-hospital Care 4: Theory, Lab and Field
PMDC56H3 Primary Care Paramedic Integration and Decision Making


PHLA10H3 Reason and Truth
PHLA11H3 Introduction to Ethics
PHLB02H3 Environmental Ethics
PHLB03H3 Philosophy of Art
PHLB04H3 Philosophy and Literature
PHLB05H3 Social Issues
PHLB06H3 Business Ethics
PHLB07H3 Ethics
PHLB09H3 Biomedical Ethics
PHLB11H3 Philosophy of Law
PHLB12H3 Philosophy of Sexuality
PHLB13H3 Philosophy and Feminism
PHLB17H3 Introduction to Political Philosophy
PHLB20H3 Belief, Knowledge, and Truth
PHLB30H3 Existentialism
PHLB31H3 Introduction to Ancient Philosophy
PHLB33H3 God, Self, World
PHLB35H3 Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy
PHLB50H3 Symbolic Logic I
PHLB55H3 Puzzles and Paradoxes
PHLB60H3 Introduction to Metaphysics
PHLB81H3 Theories of Mind
PHLB91H3 Theories of Human Nature
PHLB99H3 Writing for Philosophy
PHLC03H3 Topics in the Philosophy of Art
PHLC05H3 Ethical Theory
PHLC06H3 Topics in Ethical Theory
PHLC07H3 Death and Dying
PHLC08H3 Topics in Arabic and Jewish Philosophy
PHLC09H3 Topics in Continental Philosopy
PHLC10H3 Topics in Bioethics
PHLC13H3 Topics in Philosophy and Feminism
PHLC14H3 Topics in Non-Western Philosophy
PHLC20H3 Theory of Knowledge
PHLC22H3 Topics in Theory of Knowledge
PHLC31H3 Topics in Ancient Philosophy: Plato
PHLC32H3 Topics in Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle
PHLC35H3 Topics in Early Modern Philosophy: Rationalism
PHLC36H3 Topics in Early Modern Philosophy: Empiricism
PHLC37H3 Kant
PHLC43H3 History of Analytic Philosophy
PHLC51H3 Symbolic Logic II
PHLC60H3 Metaphysics
PHLC72H3 Philosophy of Science
PHLC80H3 Philosophy of Language
PHLC86H3 Issues in the Philosophy of Mind
PHLC89H3 Topics in Analytic Philosophy
PHLC92H3 Political Philosophy
PHLC93H3 Topics in Political Philosophy
PHLC95H3 Topics in the Philosophy of Mind
PHLC99H3 Philosophical Development Seminar
PHLD05H3 Advanced Seminar in Ethics
PHLD09H3 Advanced Seminar in Bioethics
PHLD20H3 Advanced Seminar in Theory of Knowledge
PHLD31H3 Advanced Seminar in Ancient Philosophy
PHLD35H3 Advanced Seminar in Rationalism
PHLD36H3 Advanced Seminar in Empiricism
PHLD43H3 Advanced Seminar in History of Analytic Philosophy
PHLD51H3 Metalogic
PHLD78H3 Advanced Seminar in Political Philosophy
PHLD79H3 Advanced Seminar in Metaphysics
PHLD87H3 Advanced Seminar in Philosophy of Mind
PHLD88Y3 Advanced Seminar in Philosophy: Socrates Project
PHLD90H3 Independent Study
PHLD91H3 Independent Study
PHLD92H3 Independent Study
PHLD93H3 Independent Study
PHLD94H3 Independent Study
PHLD95H3 Independent Study
PHLD96H3 Independent Study
PHLD97H3 Independent Study
PHLD98H3 Independent Study
PHLD99H3 Independent Study

Physical Sciences

PSCB57H3 Introduction to Scientific Computing
PSCB90H3 Physical Sciences Research Experience
PSCD01H3 The Physical Sciences in Contemporary Society
PSCD02H3 Current Questions in Mathematics and Science
PSCD11H3 Communicating Science: Film, Media, Journalism, and Society
PSCD50H3 Advanced Topics in Quantum Mechanics

Physics and Astrophysics

PHYA10H3 Physics I for the Physical Sciences
PHYA11H3 Physics I for the Life Sciences
PHYA21H3 Physics II for the Physical Sciences
PHYA22H3 Physics II for the Life Sciences
PHYB01H3 Modern Physics for Non-Scientists
PHYB10H3 Intermediate Physics Laboratory I
PHYB21H3 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYB52H3 Thermal Physics
PHYB54H3 Mechanics: From Oscillations to Chaos
PHYB56H3 Introduction to Quantum Physics
PHYC11H3 Intermediate Physics Laboratory II
PHYC50H3 Electromagnetic Theory
PHYC54H3 Classical Mechanics
PHYC56H3 Quantum Mechanics I
PHYC83H3 Introduction to General Relativity
PHYD01H3 Research Project in Physics and Astrophysics
PHYD26H3 Planetary Geophysics
PHYD27H3 Physics of Climate Modeling
PHYD28H3 Introduction to Magnetohydrodynamics for Astrophysics and Geophysics
PHYD37H3 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
PHYD38H3 Nonlinear Systems and Chaos
PHYD57H3 Advanced Computational Methods in Physics
PHYD72H3 Supervised Reading in Physics and Astrophysics

Political Science

POLA01H3 Critical Issues in Politics I
POLA02H3 Critical Issues in Politics II
POLB30H3 Law, Justice and Rights
POLB50Y3 Canadian Government and Politics
POLB72H3 Introduction to Political Theory
POLB80H3 Introduction to International Relations I
POLB81H3 Introduction to International Relations II
POLB90H3 Comparative Development in International Perspective
POLB91H3 Comparative Development in Political Perspective
POLB92H3 Comparative Politics: Revolution, Democracy and Authoritarianism
POLC09H3 International Security: Conflict, Crisis and War
POLC11H3 Applied Statistics for Politics and Public Policy
POLC16H3 Chinese Politics
POLC21H3 Voting and Elections
POLC22H3 Ethnic Conflict and Democratization in Europe After the Cold War
POLC32H3 The Canadian Judicial System
POLC36H3 Law and Public Policy
POLC37H3 Global Justice
POLC38H3 International Law
POLC39H3 Comparative Legal Systems
POLC40H3 Current Topics in Politics
POLC42H3 Topics in Comparative Politics
POLC53H3 Canadian Environmental Policy
POLC54H3 Intergovernmental Relations in Canada
POLC56H3 Indigenous Politics and Law
POLC57H3 Intergovernmental Relations and Public Policy
POLC58H3 The Politics of National Identity and Diversity
POLC59H3 Sources of Power: The Crown, Parliament and the People
POLC65H3 Political Strategy
POLC68H3 The Constitution of Canada and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
POLC69H3 Political Economy: International and Comparative Perspectives
POLC70H3 Political Thought: Foundations of Justice, Citizenship and Power
POLC71H3 Political Thought: Rights, Revolution and Resistance
POLC72H3 Liberty
POLC73H3 Modern Political Theory
POLC74H3 Contemporary Political Thought
POLC78H3 Political Analysis I
POLC79H3 Feminist Political Thought
POLC80H3 International Relations of Africa
POLC83H3 Applications of American Foreign Policy
POLC87H3 International Cooperation and Institutions
POLC88H3 The New International Agenda
POLC90H3 Development Studies: Political and Historical Perspectives
POLC91H3 Latin America: Dictatorship and Democracy
POLC92H3 The American Political Process
POLC93H3 Public Policies in the United States
POLC94H3 Globalization, Gender and Development
POLC96H3 State Formation and Authoritarianism in the Middle East
POLC97H3 Protest Politics in the Middle East
POLC98H3 International Political Economy of Finance
POLC99H3 Latin America: The Politics of the Dispossessed
POLD01H3 Research Seminar in Political Science
POLD02Y3 Senior Research Seminar in Political Science
POLD09H3 Advanced Topics in International Security
POLD30H3 Legal Reasoning
POLD41H3 Advanced Topics in Politics
POLD42H3 Advanced Topics in Public Law
POLD43H3 Writing about Politics
POLD44H3 Comparative Law and Social Change
POLD45H3 Constitutionalism
POLD50H3 Political Interests, Political Identity, and Public Policy
POLD51H3 Topics in Canadian and Comparative Politics
POLD52H3 Immigration and Canadian Political Development
POLD53H3 Political Disagreement in Canada
POLD55H3 The Politics of Equality and Inequality in Canada
POLD59H3 Politics of Disability
POLD67H3 The Limits of Rationality
POLD70H3 Topics in Political Theory
POLD78H3 Advanced Political Analysis
POLD87H3 Rational Choice and International Cooperation
POLD89H3 Global Environmental Politics
POLD90H3 Public Policy and Human Development in the Global South
POLD91H3 Protests and Social Movements in Comparative Perspective
POLD92H3 Survival and Demise of Dictatorships
POLD94H3 Selected Topics on Developing Areas
POLD95H3 Supervised Research
POLD98H3 Supervised Reading


PSYA01H3 Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology
PSYA02H3 Introduction to Clinical, Developmental, Personality and Social Psychology
PSYB03H3 Introduction to Computers in Psychological Research
PSYB07H3 Data Analysis in Psychology
PSYB10H3 Introduction to Social Psychology
PSYB20H3 Introduction to Developmental Psychology
PSYB30H3 Introduction to Personality
PSYB32H3 Introduction to Clinical Psychology
PSYB38H3 Introduction to Behaviour Modification
PSYB51H3 Introduction to Perception
PSYB55H3 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYB57H3 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
PSYB64H3 Introduction to Physiological Psychology
PSYB70H3 Methods in Psychological Science
PSYC02H3 Scientific Communication in Psychology
PSYC03H3 Computers in Psychological Research: Advanced Topics
PSYC06H3 Psychophysiology Laboratory
PSYC08H3 Advanced Data Analysis in Psychology
PSYC09H3 Applied Multiple Regression in Psychology
PSYC10H3 Judgment and Decision Making
PSYC12H3 The Psychology of Prejudice
PSYC13H3 Social Cognition: Understanding Ourselves and Others
PSYC14H3 Cross-Cultural Social Psychology
PSYC16H3 Psychology of Imagination
PSYC18H3 The Psychology of Emotion
PSYC19H3 Psychology of Self Control
PSYC21H3 Adulthood and Aging
PSYC22H3 Infancy
PSYC23H3 Developmental Psychobiology
PSYC24H3 Childhood and Adolescence
PSYC31H3 Clinical Neuropsychology
PSYC33H3 Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
PSYC35H3 Advanced Personality Psychology
PSYC36H3 Psychotherapy
PSYC37H3 Psychological Assessment
PSYC39H3 Psychology and the Law
PSYC50H3 Higher-Level Cognition
PSYC51H3 Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision
PSYC52H3 Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention
PSYC56H3 Music Cognition
PSYC57H3 Cognitive Neuroscience of Decision Making
PSYC59H3 Cognitive Neuroscience of Language
PSYC62H3 Drugs and the Brain
PSYC70H3 Advanced Research Methods Laboratory
PSYC71H3 Social Psychology Laboratory
PSYC72H3 Developmental Psychology Laboratory
PSYC73H3 Clinical Neuropsychology Laboratory
PSYC74H3 Human Movement Laboratory
PSYC75H3 Cognitive Psychology Laboratory
PSYC76H3 Brain Imaging Laboratory
PSYC85H3 History of Psychology
PSYC90H3 Supervised Study in Psychology
PSYC93H3 Supervised Study in Psychology
PSYD11H3 Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships
PSYD12H3 Social Psychology of the Self
PSYD13H3 The Psychology of Emotion Regulation
PSYD14H3 Psychology of Morality
PSYD15H3 Current Topics in Social Psychology
PSYD16H3 Critical Analysis in Social Psychology
PSYD17H3 Social Neuroscience
PSYD18H3 Psychology of Gender
PSYD20H3 Current Topics in Developmental Psychology
PSYD22H3 Socialization Processes
PSYD23H3 Dyadic Processes in Psychological Development
PSYD24H3 Perceptual and Motor Development
PSYD30H3 Current Topics in Personality Psychology
PSYD31H3 Cultural-Clinical Psychology
PSYD32H3 Personality Disorders
PSYD33H3 Current Topics in Clinical Psychology
PSYD35H3 Clinical Psychopharmacology
PSYD37H3 Social Context of Mental Health and Illness
PSYD39H3 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
PSYD50H3 Current Topics in Memory and Cognition
PSYD51H3 Current Topics in Perception
PSYD54H3 Current Topics in Visual Recognition
PSYD55H3 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory
PSYD59H3 Psychology of Gambling
PSYD66H3 Current Topics in Human Brain and Behaviour
PSYD98Y3 Thesis in Psychology

Public Policy

PPGC66H3 Public Policy Making
PPGC67H3 Public Policy in Canada
PPGD64H3 Comparative Public Policy