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List of Courses

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RLGA01H3 World Religions I
RLGA02H3 World Religions II
RLGB02H3 Living Religions: Rituals and Experiences
RLGB10H3 Introduction to the Study of Religion
RLGC05H3 The Qur'an in Interpretive and Historical Context
RLGC06H3 Saints and Mystics in Buddhism
RLGC07H3 Topics in Buddhist Philosophy: Buddhist Ethics
RLGC09H3 Islam in Asia
RLGC10H3 Hinduism in South Asia and the Diaspora
RLGC13H3 Religious Diversity in Speech and Text
RLGC14H3 Religion and Globalization: Continuities and Transformations
RLGC40H3 Selected Topics in the Study of Religion I
RLGC41H3 Selected Topics in the Study of Religion II
RLGD01H3 Supervised Readings in the Study of Religion
RLGD02H3 Seminar in Religion