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Society and Environment

SOED01H3 Environmental Internship


SOCA03Y3 Introduction to Sociology
SOCB05H3 Logic of Social Inquiry
SOCB22H3 Sociology of Gender
SOCB26H3 Sociology of Education
SOCB28H3 Sociological Evidence for Everyday Life
SOCB30H3 Political Sociology
SOCB35H3 Numeracy and Society
SOCB37H3 Economy, Culture, and Society
SOCB42H3 Classic Sociological Theory I
SOCB43H3 Classic Sociological Theory II
SOCB44H3 Sociology of Cities and Urban Life
SOCB47H3 Social Inequality
SOCB49H3 Sociology of Family
SOCB50H3 Deviance and Normality I
SOCB53H3 Race and Ethnicity
SOCB54H3 Sociology of Work
SOCB58H3 Sociology of Culture
SOCB59H3 Sociology of Law
SOCB60H3 Issues in Critical Migration Studies
SOCB70H3 Social Change
SOCC03H3 Collective Behaviour
SOCC04H3 Social Movements
SOCC09H3 Sociology of Gender and Work
SOCC11H3 Policing and Security
SOCC15H3 Work, Employment and Society
SOCC23H3 Practicum in Qualitative Research Methods
SOCC24H3 Special Topics in Gender and Family
SOCC25H3 Ethnicity, Race and Migration
SOCC26H3 Sociology of Urban Cultural Policies
SOCC27H3 Sociology of Suburbs and Suburbanization
SOCC29H3 Family and Gender in the Middle East
SOCC30H3 Criminal Behaviour
SOCC31H3 Practicum in Quantitative Research Methods
SOCC34H3 Migrations & Transnationalisms
SOCC37H3 Environment and Society
SOCC38H3 Gender and Education
SOCC40H3 Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOCC44H3 Media and Society
SOCC45H3 Youth and Society
SOCC46H3 Special Topics in Sociology of Law
SOCC47H3 Creative Industries
SOCC49H3 Indigenous Health
SOCC51H3 Special Topics in Health and Society
SOCC52H3 International Migration and Immigrant Incorporation
SOCC54H3 Special Topics in Sociology of Culture
SOCC55H3 Special Topics in Race and Ethnicity
SOCC58H3 Global Transformations: Politics, Economy and Society
SOCC59H3 Special Topics in Social Inequality
SOCC61H3 The Sociology of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
SOCD01H3 Advanced Seminar in Culture and Cities
SOCD05H3 Advanced Seminar in Criminology and Sociology of Law
SOCD10H3 Advanced Seminar in Gender and Family
SOCD11H3 Program and Policy Evaluation
SOCD12H3 Sociology of Art
SOCD15H3 Advanced Seminar in Critical Migration Studies
SOCD20H3 Advanced Seminar: Social Change and Gender Relations in Chinese Societies
SOCD21H3 Immigrant Scarborough
SOCD25H3 Advanced Seminar in Economy, Politics and Society
SOCD40H3 Supervised Independent Research
SOCD41H3 Supervised Independent Research
SOCD42H3 Advanced Seminar in Sociological Theory
SOCD44H3 Advanced Seminar on Issues in Contemporary Sociology
SOCD50H3 Research Seminar: Realizing the Sociological Imagination
SOCD51H3 Capstone Seminar in Culture, Creativity, and Cities
SOCD52H3 Sociology of Books
SOCD55H3 Field School in Critical Migration Studies


ACTB40H3 Fundamentals of Investment and Credit
STAA57H3 Introduction to Data Science
STAB22H3 Statistics I
STAB23H3 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences
STAB27H3 Statistics II
STAB41H3 Financial Derivatives
STAB52H3 An Introduction to Probability
STAB57H3 An Introduction to Statistics
STAC32H3 Applications of Statistical Methods
STAC33H3 Introduction to Applied Statistics
STAC50H3 Data Collection
STAC51H3 Categorical Data Analysis
STAC53H3 Applied Data Collection
STAC58H3 Statistical Inference
STAC62H3 Stochastic Processes
STAC63H3 Probability Models
STAC67H3 Regression Analysis
STAC70H3 Statistics and Finance I
STAD29H3 Statistics for Life & Social Scientists
STAD37H3 Multivariate Analysis
STAD57H3 Time Series Analysis
STAD68H3 Advanced Machine Learning and Data Mining
STAD70H3 Statistics and Finance II
STAD80H3 Analysis of Big Data
STAD92H3 Readings in Statistics
STAD93H3 Readings in Statistics
STAD94H3 Statistics Project
STAD95H3 Statistics Project

Studio Art

VPSA62H3 Foundation Studies in Studio
VPSA63H3 But Why Is It Art?
VPSB56H3 Digital Studio I
VPSB58H3 Video I
VPSB59H3 Sculpture I
VPSB61H3 Painting I
VPSB62H3 Painting II
VPSB67H3 Photo I
VPSB70H3 Drawing I
VPSB71H3 Artist Multiples
VPSB73H3 Curatorial Perspectives I
VPSB74H3 Drawing II
VPSB75H3 Photo II
VPSB76H3 Video II
VPSB77H3 Performance Art
VPSB80H3 Digital Studio II
VPSB85H3 Text as Image/Language as Art
VPSB86H3 Sculpture II
VPSB88H3 Sound Art
VPSB89H3 Digital Animation I
VPSB90H3 Digital Animation II
VPSC04H3 "Live!"
VPSC51H3 Curatorial Perspectives II
VPSC53H3 Kinetic Sculpture
VPSC54H3 Painting III
VPSC55H3 Drawing III
VPSC56H3 Studio Practice
VPSC59H3 Theory and Practice: Three- Dimensional Work
VPSC66H3 Theory and Practice: Two-Dimensional Work
VPSC68H3 Theory and Practice: Time-Based Work
VPSC69H3 Theory and Practice: Art in a Globalizing World
VPSC70H3 Theory and Practice: New Media in Studio
VPSC71H3 Performing with Cameras
VPSC73H3 Interdisciplinary Drawing Concepts
VPSC75H3 Advanced Sculpture
VPSC76H3 The Documentary Image
VPSC77H3 Interdisciplinary Photo Concepts
VPSC78H3 Sculpture and the Everyday
VPSC79H3 Art and Activism
VPSC80H3 Digital Publishing
VPSD55H3 Advanced Special Topics in Studio
VPSD56H3 Advanced Studio Practice
VPSD57H3 Advanced Seminar: Interdisciplinary Practice
VPSD58H3 Advanced Seminar: Two-Dimensional Work
VPSD63H3 Independent Studies in Studio: Advanced Level