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Women's and Gender Studies

WSTA01H3 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WSTA03H3 Introduction to Feminist Theories and Thought
WSTB05H3 Power and Knowledge in Approaches to Research
WSTB06H3 Women in Diaspora
WSTB10H3 Women, Power and Protest
WSTB11H3 Intersections of Inequality
WSTB12H3 Women, Violence and Resistance
WSTB13H3 Gender, Media and Culture
WSTB25H3 LGBTQ History, Theory and Activism
WSTC02H3 Feminist Qualitative Research in Action
WSTC10H3 Gender and Critical Development
WSTC12H3 Writing the Self: Global Women's Autobiographies
WSTC13H3 Women, Gender and Islam
WSTC14H3 Women, Community and Policy Change
WSTC16H3 Criminalized Women: Gender, Justice and the Law
WSTC20H3 Women, Gender and Environmental (In)Justice
WSTC22H3 Gender and Film
WSTC23H3 Community Engagement Practicum
WSTC24H3 Gender in the Kitchen
WSTC25H3 Transnational Sexuality
WSTC28H3 Language and Gender
WSTC30H3 Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
WSTC31H3 Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
WSTC40H3 Gender and Disability
WSTD01H3 Independent Project in Women's and Gender Studies
WSTD03H3 Senior Seminar in Sex, Gender and the Body
WSTD04H3 Senior Seminar in Gender, Equity and Human Rights
WSTD07H3 Themes in the History of Childhood and Culture
WSTD10H3 Advanced Methods: Story Telling and Social Change
WSTD11H3 Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
WSTD16H3 Socialist Feminism in Global Context
WSTD30H3 Gender and Techno-Orientalism
WSTD46H3 Selected Topics in Canadian Women's History