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African Studies

AFSA01H3 Africa in the World: An Introduction
AFSA03H3 Experiencing Development in Africa
AFSB01H3 African Religious Traditions Through History
AFSB05H3 Culture and Society in Africa
AFSB50H3 Africa in the Era of the Slave Trade
AFSB51H3 Africa from the Colonial Conquests to Independence
AFSB54H3 Africa in the Postcolonial Era
AFSC30H3 Language and Society in the Arab World
AFSC52H3 Ethiopia: Seeing History
AFSC53H3 Gender and Critical Development
AFSC55H3 War and Society in Modern Africa
AFSC70H3 The Caribbean Diaspora
AFSC97H3 Women and Power in Africa
AFSD07H3 Extractive Industries in Africa
AFSD51H3 Southern Africa: Colonial Rule, Apartheid and Liberation
AFSD52H3 East African Societies in Transition
AFSD53H3 Africa and Asia in the First World War


ANTA01H3 Introduction to Anthropology: Becoming Human
ANTA02H3 Introduction to Anthropology: Society, Culture and Language
ANTB01H3 Political Ecology
ANTB05H3 Culture and Society in Africa
ANTB09H3 Culture through Film and Media
ANTB14H3 Biological Anthropology: Beginnings
ANTB15H3 Contemporary Human Evolution and Variation
ANTB16H3 Canadian Cultural Identities
ANTB18H3 Development, Inequality and Social Change in Latin America
ANTB19H3 Ethnography and the Comparative Study of Human Societies
ANTB20H3 Culture, Politics and Globalization
ANTB22H3 Primate Behaviour
ANTB35H3 Kids These Days: Youth, Language and Media
ANTB36H3 Anthropology of the End of the World
ANTB64H3 The Anthropology of Foods
ANTB65H3 An Introduction to Pacific Island Societies
ANTB66H3 Spiritual Paths: A Comparative Anthropology of Pilgrimage
ANTB80H3 Introduction to Archaeology: Methods, Theories, and Practices
ANTC03H3 Directed Reading in Anthropology
ANTC04H3 Directed Reading in Anthropology
ANTC07H3 Material Worlds
ANTC09H3 Sex, Love, and Intimacy: Anthropological Approaches to Kinship and Marriage
ANTC10H3 Anthropological Perspectives on Development
ANTC14H3 Feminism and Anthropology
ANTC15H3 Genders and Sexualities
ANTC16H3 The Foundation and Theory of Human Origins
ANTC17H3 Human Origins: New Discoveries
ANTC18H3 Urban Anthropology
ANTC19H3 Producing People and Things: Economics and Social Life
ANTC20H3 Gifts, Money and Morality
ANTC24H3 Culture, Mental Illness, and Psychiatry
ANTC25H3 Anthropology and Psychology
ANTC27H3 Primate Sociality
ANTC31H3 Ritual and Religious Action
ANTC32H3 Political Anthropology
ANTC33H3 Of Gods and Humans: Anthropological Approaches to Religion
ANTC34H3 The Anthropology of Transnationalism
ANTC35H3 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
ANTC40H3 Methods and Analysis in Anthropological Demography
ANTC41H3 Environmental Stress, Culture and Human Adaptability
ANTC42H3 Human Growth, Development and Adaptability
ANTC47H3 Human and Primate Comparative Osteology
ANTC48H3 Advanced Topics In Human Osteology
ANTC52H3 Global Politics of Language
ANTC53H3 Anthropology of Media and Publics
ANTC58H3 Constructing the Other: Orientalism through Time and Place
ANTC59H3 Anthropology of Language and Media
ANTC61H3 Medical Anthropology: Illness and Healing in Cultural Perspective
ANTC62H3 Medical Anthropology: Biological and Demographic Perspectives
ANTC66H3 Anthropology of Tourism
ANTC67H3 Foundations in Epidemiology
ANTC68H3 Deconstructing Epidemics
ANTC69H3 Ideas That Matter: Key Themes and Thinkers in Anthropology
ANTC70H3 Ethnographic Methods in Anthropology: Past, Present, and Future
ANTC80H3 Race and Racism: Anthropological Insights
ANTC88H3 Special Topics
ANTC89H3 The Anthropology of the Middle East
ANTC99H3 Primate Evolution
ANTD01H3 The Body in Culture and Society
ANTD04H3 The Anthropology of Violence and Suffering
ANTD05H3 Advanced Fieldwork Methods in Social and Cultural Anthropology
ANTD06H3 Reading Ethnography
ANTD07H3 Advanced Regional Seminar
ANTD10H3 The Anthropology of 'Life' Itself
ANTD13H3 Frontiers of Anthropology: A Biological Perspective
ANTD15H3 Frontiers of Socio-Cultural Anthropology
ANTD16H3 Biomedical Anthropology
ANTD17H3 Medical Osteology: Public Health Perspectives on Human Skeletal Health
ANTD19H3 Primate Conservation
ANTD20H3 Culture and Community
ANTD22H3 Theory and Methodology in Primatology
ANTD24H3 The History of Anthropological Thought
ANTD25H3 Medical Primatology: Public Health Perspectives on Zoonotic Diseases
ANTD31H3 Advanced Research in Anthropology
ANTD32H3 Advanced Research in Anthropology
ANTD35H3 Bioarchaeology
ANTD40H3 Topics in Emerging Scholarship in Evolutionary Anthropology
ANTD41H3 Topics in Emerging Scholarship in Socio-Cultural Anthropology
ANTD99H3 Advanced Topics in Primate Evolution

Art History and Visual Culture

VPHA46H3 Ways of Seeing: Introduction to Art Histories
VPHB39H3 Ten Key Words in Art History: Unpacking Methodology
VPHB50H3 Africa Through the Photographic Lens
VPHB53H3 Medieval Art
VPHB58H3 Modern Art and Culture
VPHB59H3 Current Art Practices
VPHB63H3 Fame, Glory and Spectacle: 14th-16th Century Art in Italy
VPHB64H3 Baroque Visions
VPHB68H3 Art and the Everyday: Mass Culture and the Visual Arts
VPHB73H3 Visualizing Asia
VPHB74H3 Art in Early Modern Europe: Renaissances Outside of Italy
VPHB77H3 Modern Asian Art
VPHB78H3 Our Town, Our Art: Local Collections I
VPHB79H3 Our Town, Our Art: Local Collections II
VPHC41H3 Carolingian and Romanesque Art
VPHC42H3 Gothic Art and Architecture
VPHC45H3 Seminar in Modern and Contemporary Art
VPHC49H3 Advanced Studies in Art Theory
VPHC52H3 Ethiopia: Seeing History
VPHC53H3 The Silk Routes
VPHC54H3 Art Writing
VPHC63H3 Explorations in Early Modern Art
VPHC68H3 Art in Global Cities
VPHC72H3 Art, the Museum, and the Gallery
VPHC73H3 Home, Away and In Between: Artists, Art, and Identity
VPHC74H3 A Tale of Three Cities: Introduction to Contemporary Art in China
VPHC75H3 The Artist, Maker, Creator
VPHD42Y3 Supervised Reading in Art History
VPHD48H3 Advanced Seminar in Art History and Visual Culture

Arts and Science Co-op

COPB50H3 Foundations for Success in Arts and Science Co-op
COPB51H3 Preparing to Complete your Co-op Work Term
COPB52H3 Managing Your Job Search and Transition to Work
COPB53H3 Managing Your Ongoing Work Term Job Search
COPC01H3 Co-op Work Term for Mathematical Sciences
COPC03H3 Co-op Work Term for Computer Sciences
COPC05H3 Co-op Work Term for Physical and Environmental Sciences
COPC13H3 Co-op Work Term for Social Sciences
COPC14H3 Co-op Work Term for Neuroscience
COPC20H3 Co-op Work Term for Humanities
COPC30H3 Co-op Work Term for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
COPC40H3 Co-op Work Term Psychological and Health Sciences
COPC98H3 Integrating Your Work Term Experience Part I
COPC99H3 Integrating Your Work Term Experience Part II

Arts Management

VPAA06H3 Visual and Performing Arts Management in the Digital Age
VPAA10H3 Introduction to Arts Management
VPAA12H3 Audience and Resource Development
VPAB05H3 Introduction to Contemporary Cultural Theory
VPAB13H3 Financial Management for Arts Managers
VPAB15H3 Arts Education and Outreach
VPAB16H3 Managing and Leading in Cultural Organizations
VPAB17H3 From Principles to Practices in Arts Management
VPAC13H3 Planning and Project Management in the Arts and Cultural Sector
VPAC15H3 Cultural Policy
VPAC16H3 Legal and Human Resources Issues in Arts Management
VPAC17H3 Arts Marketing
VPAC18H3 Fundraising and Development in the Arts
VPAC21H3 Special Topics in Arts Management I
VPAC22H3 Special Topics in Arts Management II
VPAD07H3 Agency and Pluralism in Social and Cultural Transformations
VPAD12H3 Senior Seminar in Arts Management
VPAD14H3 Independent Studies in Arts Management

Arts, Culture and Media

ACMA01H3 Exploring Key Questions in the Arts, Culture and Media
ACMB01H3 Critical Reading, Thinking and Writing for ACM Programs
ACMB02H3 Methods of Inquiry and Investigation for ACM Programs
ACMB10H3 Equity and Diversity in the Arts
ACMC01H3 ACMEE Applied Practice I
ACMD01H3 ACMEE Applied Practice II
ACMD02H3 ACMEE Applied Practice III
ACMD91H3 Supervised Readings
ACMD92H3 Supervised Readings
ACMD93Y3 Supervised Readings
ACMD94H3 Senior Collaboration Project in Arts, Culture and Media
ACMD98H3 Experiential Learning for Arts, Culture and Media Programs
ACMD99H3 Work Integrated Learning for Arts Culture and Media Programs


ASTA01H3 Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics I: The Sun and Planets
ASTA02H3 Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics II: Beyond the Sun and Planets
ASTB03H3 Great Moments in Astronomy
ASTB23H3 Astrophysics of Stars, Galaxies and the Universe
ASTC02H3 Practical Astronomy: Instrumentation and Data Analysis
ASTC25H3 Astrophysics of Planetary Systems