BIOD95H3 Supervised Study in Biology

This course is designed to permit intensive examination of the primary literature of a select topic. Frequent consultation with the supervisor is necessary and extensive library research is required. The project will culminate in a written report.
Students must obtain a permission form from SW420B that is to be completed and signed by the intended supervisor, then returned to SW420B. At that time, the student will be provided with an outline of the schedule and general requirements for the course. 5 sessions of group instruction will form part of the coursework.


Satisfactory completion of 12.5 full credits, of which at least four must be Biology B- or C-level courses. Students must have permission of the instructor. In order to be eligible for BIOD95H3, with the same instructor as for BIOD98Y3 or BIOD99Y3, the student and instructor must provide a plan that goes beyond the work of those courses.