HISD46H3 Selected Topics in Canadian Women's History

Weekly discussions of assigned readings. The course covers a broad chronological sweep but also highlights certain themes, including race and gender relations, working women and family economies, sexuality, and women and the courts. We will also explore topics in gender history, including masculinity studies and gay history.
Same as WSTD46H3
Transnational Area


Any 8.0 credits, including: [0.5 credit at the A- or B-level in AFS, CLA, FST, GAS, HIS or WST courses] and [0.5 credit at the C-level in AFS, CLA, FST, GAS, HIS or WST courses]

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History, Philosophy & Cultural Studies

Topics vary from year to year. Check the website www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~hcs/programs/history.html for current offerings.