VPSC70H3 Theory and Practice: New Media in Studio

Information technologies are radically and rapidly transforming our culture. Networking, robotics, GPS, ubiquitous computing, data mining, rfid, biotech, surveillance, sound installation, digital image processing and interactive display are all offering new opportunities for the artist as well as new critical issues to address. Students will create affordable projects that address these issues.


2.5 credits at the B- or C-level in VPS courses including 0.5 credit taken from: VPSB56H3, VPSB58H3, VPSB76H3, VPSB80H3, VPSB86H3, VPSB88H3, VPSB89H3, VPSB90H3, NMEB05H3, NMEB08H3, or NMEB09H3; students enrolled in the Specialist and Major programs in Studio Art must also complete ACMB01H3 and VPHA46H3

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Arts, Literature & Language